Never chase after a man — that’s why it is not worth doing!

Никогда не бегайте за мужчиной — вот почему этого не стоит делать!

At first glance, this question seems rhetorical. But remember when you fall in love. You become happy and mad at the same time. Then you think all your hopes crashed, but it was his long-awaited message and all is good. You build a strategy, come up with tactics how to do better.

You know that it is not worth doing, so just sit back and think about everything. Analyze every detail: from the punctuation in his message to the time it must wait before replying. We think this is important, while actually it doesn’t matter.

Here are just 7 reasonswhy you need to stop doing, stop to actually chase a man, how would you greatly it does not love:

1. It came to nothing lead.

When you meet the right person, you will not need to run after him, because you will have a mutual desire to be together. Your worlds will change and you will now go together in the same direction. Otherwise you’re just wasting your time trying to get someone to fall in love with you.

2. You start to forget about the other people in your life.

You’re missing precious memories with friends and family, trying to create unforgettable memories with a temporary fling. Never forget those who are forever in your life, of course.

3. You offer your heart to someone who doesn’t deserve it.

4. You spend your energy on something fleeting and not long lasting.

5. You start to forget what was and is important to you.

You dreamed about something else and was hoping for something better, and now you sit and wait for his SMS at 2am.

6. You’ll drive yourself crazy.

The sound messages on the phone – your biggest nightmare and at the same time the biggest happiness. You think you’re playing him, but in fact you are dangerously playing with your heart.

7. You chase a man

Instead of having to let life go as it goes. Enough to analyze every drunk message: leave everything to fate. Let all goes as goes, without explanation.
Not looking for a man and his dream!

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