Never Rarely Sometimes Always: A work that shakes

Never Rarely Sometimes Always: Une œuvre qui secoue

It took a lot of skill to bring to the screen the journey of a teenage girl ready to travel more than 300 km in order to put an end to an unplanned pregnancy. Fortunately, it is in this kind of situation that excels the american filmmaker Eliza Hittman.

The one that we had offered the remarkable Beach Rats it has been three years come around today with Never Rarely Sometimes Always, a work of great sensitivity, also awarded at the festivals in Sundance and Berlin earlier this year.

It is the home of young Autumn, who, along with her cousin Skylar, leaves his suburban Pennsylvania to undergo a medical procedure in a clinic in New York. The trip will be heavy with meaning – and consequences – for the two teenage girls.

Disarming simplicity

It is with simplicity and a realism désarmants as Eliza Hittman, who also wrote the screenplay, has managed to transpose emotions as complex as those experienced by the two young women. Never maudlin, on the contrary, the script let the quiet strength of his heroine, both through the dialogues that silences.

We can not also pass over in silence the game Sidney Flanigan, absolutely shocking in this first-ever role in his career. The young actress carries the whole film on his shoulders, supported in a beautiful way, by Talia Ryder and Theodore Pellerin.

In short, Never Rarely Sometimes Always is not a simple movie. And it is not a film particularly easy to digest. It appears, however, shaken, certainly, but especially inhabited by a powerful sense of compassion. And this is something that can not that we do good in this moment.

Never Rarely Sometimes Always

★ ★ ★ ★

  • A film by Eliza Hittman.
  • With Sidney Flanigan, Talia Ryder and Theodore Pellerin.

► Now available in video-on-demand.

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