Never Rarely Sometimes Always: Between poetry and politics

Never Rarely Sometimes Always: Entre poésie et politique

After having starred in a film about conversion therapy (Boy Erased), Theodore Pellerin come with a new topic just as prickly – abortion – with a role in the drama american Never Rarely Sometimes Always.

“Abortion is a topic that is so stigmatized, especially in places more rural. But Never Rarely Sometimes Always is not only a political film. In fact, it is first and foremost a poetic film, but it happens at an important time in the United States, ” says Theodore Pellerin in interview to the Newspaper.

“The theory of conversion and abortion are two situations that I’ve never been confronted. But Boy Erased, and now Never Rarely Sometimes Always taught me to deepen my understanding of these issues, ” continues the actor of 22 years.

First expected on our screens at the end of last month, Never Rarely Sometimes Always is finally available on video on demand since a few days.

New offering of Eliza Hittman (Beach Rats), Never Rarely Sometimes Always therefore follows in the footsteps of Autumn, a teenager of 17 years, who must leave his small town in Pennsylvania to go and put an end to an unplanned pregnancy in a clinic in new york. Theodore Pellerin embodies for him to Jasper, a student who crossed the road of two young women shortly before their arrival in Manhattan.

An ambiguous character

This role, admits the actor, is a particularly complex due to its ambiguity. Where does it come from ? What are his true intentions ? These questions remain unanswered. But even without these explanations, this Jasper is particularly meaningful, being the only male character of importance.

“On the one hand, he is very friendly towards the girls, but he is also very insistent, and even if its presence is not desired on their part. In fact, all of the men in this story are symbols of the sexual pressure that is exerted on women, ” says Theodore Pellerin.

“In the case of Jasper, it is so unconscious that it takes action, which can be problematic. He does not realize, like many men, moreover, of the effect it creates, what it imposes. I found it interesting to illustrate it, ” he concludes.

Coming soon on Netflix

In another register, Theodore Pellerin will soon be the star of the drama horror There’s Someone Inside Your House, waited on Netflix later this year. This adaptation of the novel of the same title is headed by the us director Patrick Brice, well known to fans of horror thanks to the film Creep.

There will be a teenage girl, Makani Young, whose friends find themselves hunted down, then killed, by a mysterious masked killer. Theodore Pellerin creeps into the skin of Oliver Larsson, the boyfriend of the heroine.

“He carries in him a part of the mystery of the film. We don’t know if you should love or be wary “, he states, without however being able to go into more detail.

Theodore Pellerin specifies, however, that the scenario is “very different” from the novel.

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