New Advisor trump will be a nightmare for Russia – expert

New Advisor to the President of the United States Donald trump on national security Affairs John Bolton will become for Russia a real “gift”, which will direct to Moscow the horror.

Новий радник Трампа стане кошмаром для РФ - експерт

This opinion was expressed by analyst of the Center for the national interest Harry Kazans, reports Rus.Media.

According to him, the adviser to trump John Bolton will strengthen the tough stance of the White house towards Russia. In addition, he may recommend an increase in sales of weapons to Ukraine, reports “Today”.

“I think John Bolton is the worst nightmare for the Russian Federation. Throughout his career he was a hawk for the Russian Federation, he has always advocated a tough attitude in Moscow”, – says the expert.

Kazans added that Bolton would recommend to the President of the United States Donald Trump is a lot of policy changes.

Earlier it was reported through significant disagreements with North Korea, Iran and Russia trump has sent in the resignation of Rex Tillerson, replacing it with a more lenient head of the CIA Mike Pompeo. John Bolton, who on April 9 will change Herbert McMaster, was U.S. representative to the UN for George Bush, and before that held the position of under Secretary for arms control and international security.

John Bolton is not just called a hardliner in foreign policy matters. Only recently he called for a strike on North Korea and to withdraw from nuclear agreement with Iran (something that did not agree Tillerson and trump).

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