New Atlantic mess: trump criticized from Paris

Новый атлантический беспорядок: Трамп подвергается критике из Парижа

Interview of Emmanuel Macron to the British weekly The Economist (07.11.2019) made noise, primarily because of the image of “brain death” (the brain death mort cérébrale) that befell the North Atlantic Alliance. Makron used this way shortly before the NATO summit scheduled for early December.

Many assessments of the Makron came from the lips of the head of state, a NATO member quite suddenly: “there is no coordination in strategic decision-making between the United States and its partners”; “NATO member Turkey is committing aggression in the area where there are our (French. – Ed.) interests”; “what is happening is a huge challenge for NATO.”

Emmanuel macron wants, however, the moment to stand up for Donald trump, who in January 2017, has called NATO a “legacy” organization. But NATO is really obsolete. And he is outdated even then, when it was dissolved the Warsaw Pact and the Soviet Union collapsed. However, NATO strategists began and continue a pointless expansion to the East.

According to Macron, Europe was on “the brink”, she “lost the thread of their history.” Europe “begins to lose the direction in which it moves… a change of American strategy.” At the same time “the last 15 years, China is growing as a power that creates a risk of bipolarization in the world and the apparent marginalization of Europe…”. If Europe, said macron, “cannot conceive of itself as a global power, it will just disappear… what we are witnessing can be called the brain dead NATO. We have partners in one part of the world, and there is no coordination in strategic decision-making between the United States and their NATO allies. No…”

The first in diagnosis about the “brain death” reacted Angela Merkel. The next day, November 8, the German Chancellor, speaking in Berlin at a press conference after talks with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, remarked at the Macron: “I do not believe that such a dramatic statement was needed; although we have problems, we must take himself in hand,” she said. The harsh words of Macron, said Merkel does not agree with her point of view on “cooperation in the NATO framework”. Stoltenberg, of course, assured that NATO remains a “strong” organization, and the United States and Europe, “working together more than we have been doing for decades.”

In Italy meanwhile, the differences between the Paris and Berlin drew particular attention. Influential Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera wrote: “This resounding difference [between Him and Merkel. – Ed.] the evidence of two problems. The diagnosis of “brain death” of Emmanuel Macron, posted at the head of NATO, sounds more radical than the famous definition of “obsolete”, which is attached to the Atlantic military Alliance, the US President Donald trump… This difference of opinion indicates a crack in the Franco-German axis, and without that not too strong.”

Another Italian newspaper, Il Giornale newspaper, in the article under the expressive name of “New world disorder” melancholically said: “the Tension between East and West has not disappeared, on the contrary. With the inclusion of Eastern European countries into the European Union the line of the collision moved [to the East, including the territory of the former USSR. – Ed.] but this led to the creation of more direct and dangerous confrontation with Russia, because there is no longer an insurmountable “red line”, drawn at Yalta… And the victory of liberalism, devoid of brakes, become wild”.

Italian journalists, however, do not agree. More precisely – do not want to see direct claims of the President of Macron to the administration trump. “Crack in the Franco-German axis” is not new; challenges to European security in connection with the expansion of NATO to the East, too, did not appear today. More significantly in the statements of Makron more. “It was unthinkable five years ago” (when the President-Democrat Barack Obama. – Ed.) – said the French President; else if (“five years ago”!) “nobody would believe that this is possible”.

Statement of the Macron about “brain death” NATO has not brought France to Russia. The French President, speaking about his concerns, pointed his finger not only on Turkey, but to Russia, calling them “authoritarian powers in the neighborhood, which make Europe a deeply vulnerable.” A defining stamp of Atlanticist ideology (“the threat from the East”) has not disappeared, it is still widely used by Europeans.

And similarly, the performance of the Macron is not alienated French politics from America. USA in the eyes of the President of France remains a “great ally”, however, tells him, “the first time we have an American President who does not share the European project and the American policy that is detached from this project.”

The main objective pursued by interview of Emmanuel Macron to the British weekly, was to give additional cards to the opponents trump in the battle for the US presidency, the final act which will be November 3, 2020.

A lot in global politics will be decided in the next twelve months. And while in the Atlantic the camp is regrouping of forces, revealing the contradictions and sharp corners. In terms of the loss of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization purpose of existence is inevitable.

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