New bill seeks to repair and to build Ukrainian roads due to drivers who violate traffic rules

To repair and to build the Ukrainian roads are due to drivers.

Новий законопроект покликаний ремонтувати і будувати українські дороги за рахунок водіїв, які порушують ПДР

The group of deputies has developed the draft law No. 9531, according to which part of the penalties for violation of traffic rules should direct to the Road Fund. That is, to repair and to build the Ukrainian roads are, in particular, due to drivers, informs Rus.Media.

Annually for the repair and construction of roads in Ukraine spent a lot of money, however they are not always enough. Members want to solve this problem in an original way – at the expense of drivers who violate traffic rules. However, for this purpose I want to send all the “penalty” money, but only their certain part. What is not reported.

Bill No. 9531 already registered in the Verkhovna Rada, and soon it will have the first reading to consider the deputies. It is hard to say whether to approve it or not. This will depend on many circumstances. This bill is not very much of a chance for approval, although they certainly are.