New candidate: the campaign Toluca Rakhimbekova

PHOTO : “Mir24” / Alan Kaziev


Political party “Auyl” nominated candidate for the post of the President of Kazakhstan. What campaign have Teleuta Rakhimbekova, found out the correspondent channel “WORLD 24” Gulmira Zhanzakova.

The youngest political party of Kazakhstan represents the largest part of the population. Live in the countryside 43% of people in Kazakhstan.

“We propose to develop a national program of rural infrastructure, to develop and approve state standards in the settlements. Today the villagers have the right to live and enjoy all the conditions required for the provision of medical services, education, clean drinking water, to ride on a good road,” – said the Chairman of the party “Auyl” Ali bektayev reported.

One of the authors of the program of development of agriculture of Kazakhstan Toleutai Rakhimbekov. The earth knows he was born in the village. Professional achievements are also associated with the agricultural sector. He worked in large industrial holdings, he was Vice-Minister of agriculture.

“If we want to achieve entry into the 30 developed countries of the world, we need to invest in the development of agriculture and agricultural science. It is necessary to consider that citizens should themselves try to improve their well-being. For example, if you have the opportunity, you need to raise cattle and to sell their products,” said Rakhimbekov.

In the party are confident the elections will be as transparent as possible. And Aula has all the chances to win, despite the fact that in the presidential race, the candidate participates for the first time.

The procedure for the nomination of candidates for the post of the head of state will continue until April 28. Extraordinary elections of the President of Kazakhstan will be held on 9 June this year.