New complainant against Boisclair

Nouveau plaignant contre Boisclair

Alexandre Robillard ,
Hugo Joncas ,
Nicolas Lachance and
Jean-François Gibeault

Already accused of sexual assault with a weapon, André Boisclair is the subject of a new criminal complaint recently to the Montreal police by a young man who claims to have been sexually assaulted by the former head of the parti québecois, has learned our Bureau of investigation.

Hugo (fictitious name) met on June 8, an investigator from the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) about the facts which according to him are occurring in 2017 in Mr. Boisclair.

Our Bureau of investigation has obtained evidence that a complaint file has been opened by the officers of the post 22 and transferred to the sexual assault section of the SPVM.

According to a police source who did not want to be identified, the complainant’s allegations are being taken seriously. Three investigators have been assigned to the result.

A meeting with Hugo is scheduled for next week by the SPVM to discuss what charges could be brought against Mr. Boisclair.

At the end of may, Mr. Boisclair has been accused of sexual assault with a weapon in a first folder in which the alleged facts would have occurred in 2014.

Differences in New York

Our Bureau of investigation has subsequently reported that the government of Quebec has had to deal with the misconduct of Mr. Boisclair when he was briefly the delegate general of Québec in New York, in 2013.

An agreement, a confidential agreement was concluded with him on this subject at the time by the administration Marois. But the current government has initiated an administrative investigation to determine how the light can be made on allegations related to drug use and the presence of young people in the entourage of Mr. Boisclair.

Hugo says he was in his mid-twenties when he was André Boisclair, three years ago, through events organized in Montreal by the gay community.

Mr. Boisclair would then initiate a contact by e-mail. Knowing that Hugo had lost his job in a sector that is clearly in view, he would have offered financial support in exchange for a sexual relationship.

“Ill at ease” in the face of this proposal, it would have nevertheless accepted an invitation to his residence. Mr. Boisclair him would have sent a taxi Uber to take him home.

Just a meeting

“I didn’t intend to sleep necessarily with him, said Hugo in an interview with our Bureau of investigation. I told him to be leaving for the meet, have a drink, get to know, but I didn’t want him to wait on the sexual level. “

After, according to him, drank three glasses of alcohol and used cocaine with Mr. Boisclair, Hugo would have still ended up in his bed without knowing how. He felt dizzy.

“I was in bed with Andrew. It was proposed to beat me, hit me, I make marks on the body and I didn’t want it. “

Refusal ignored

Hugo argues that Mr. Boisclair has ignored her refusal of a sexual relationship.

“I told him that I didn’t want to, but he insisted “, he remembers.

The evening would then have taken a turn that Hugo did not want to. “I remember being on his bed and me collapsing in tears,” he says.

Hugo has no evidence that Mr. Boisclair has administered anything that could affect his judgement and perceptions. But before the state in which he was at home at the time of the assault complained of, he suspects that he may have been drugged without his knowledge.

In the light of what he has lived, Hugo believes that André Boisclair has pathological problems and risk-taking behaviour, which no doubt other victims.

Unwanted messages

Here are two unsolicited text messages from André Boisclair would have sent two business relationships in 2012 and 2006

  • “Would you like to fucked in the fe**** ? “(our redaction)
  • “Going in the toilet, drop your panties and send me a photo. ”

Texting explicit unsolicited

The ex-chief pq’s André Boisclair has caused an upset by sending text messages explicit unsolicited in the course of a professional relationship.

At least two incidents of this nature occurred. They have been brought to our attention by two persons to whom we have granted anonymity.

A former employee policy, a cabinet minister has recently entrusted his discomfort during an exchange with Mr. Boisclair in November 2012.

As he came to congratulate him on his appointment to the post of Quebec’s delegate general in New York, Mr. Boisclair responded by making a sexual invitation unsolicited.

“Totally free “

“Would you like to fucked in the fe**** ? “(our redaction), said the ex-employee policy by showing the exchange always on his phone.

Nothing in the exchange that preceded it, it was not indicated that the conversation might take this turn.

“It was totally free,” says our source, who is also said to be heterosexual.

He left the advance without answer, and Mr. Boisclair did not talk about it.

“He never came back later saying I got the wrong person “, said our source, who assures that he was never a witness of a gesture moved by Mr. Boisclair subsequently when it was reviewed.

Even if he didn’t feel threatened or the victim of harassment, it considers that Mr. Boisclair has likely wanted to use his position of authority.

“When you’re a public figure who aspires to higher office, it could seem anecdotal. But this is not, ” he says.

In spite of everything, he didn’t want to make a complaint, even if he discussed the incident with his supervisor.

“Lower your panties “

A former business relationship of André Boisclair also claims to have received text messages unwelcome sexual advances.

When he was the leader of the PQ, Mr. Boisclair was notably invited to send him intimate photos of him while he was in a restaurant, in 2006.

“Going in the toilet, drop your panties and send me a picture “, he wrote.

Around 2008 or 2009, he returned to the charge, inviting him to come join him in a hotel room.

“It was totally unsolicited “, we indicated this person.

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