New contract for Lexson Mathieu

Nouveau contrat pour Lexson Mathieu

The crisis of the coronavirus that is gaining momentum in Quebec does not prevent Camille Estephan to enter into agreements or put structures in place for the future. On Thursday, it agreed on a long-term contract with Lexson Mathieu.

Mathieu (8-0, 7 K.-O.) has experienced a rapid ascent in his first year among professionals. He has demonstrated several abilities that make him one of the most beautiful hopes in Quebec.

Under the rule of François Duguay, the athlete of 20 years and wishes to achieve a very high standard for his career. He is not shy to aim for a fighting major and a world title in the next few years. And his promoter is in the same line of thought.

“It has torn his original agreement of two years, said Camille Estephan during a telephone interview. This is a new five-year contract with terms that are more advantageous at the level of the income and guarantees.

“Lexson is an athlete very seriously. He eats of boxing and he wants to improve on a daily basis. In addition, he believes in himself. I hope that he will become champion of the world in the coming years.”

“I see this as a nice mark of trust, said Lexson Mathieu. It strengthens our association and it is shielded for the future. With these new conditions, we will have the budget to attract training partners in Quebec.”

As he does with Erik Bazinyan, who knocks at the door of a world championship fight, Estephan wants to go one step at a time with the pugilist of Quebec.

“With this agreement, he will be able to have better training partners. If it is not of long fights, I want it to be able to develop at the gym.”

Lucas confirmed

At the same time, Estephan has confirmed the hiring of Eric Lucas as ambassador and director of development.

It had become an open secret in the world of boxing. Moreover, he was present at the official weigh-in of the gala Butler-Reyes, last week, at the Montreal Casino.

Lucas will bring even more credibility in the Eye of the Tiger Management. It will give a boost to Antonin Decarie and Mike Moffa, who took care of the pane boxing of the company’s promotion.

“Eric will be a full-time job with us. It’s been two years that I think of the hire, but I didn’t feel that he was ready to get back in the boxing world, said Estephan. Here, it is the right time.”

“It will be a good example for our young boxers. With Antonin (Decarie) and Mike (Moffa), I am very well surrounded for my decisions in boxing. It’s going to go to the meeting of boxers at the gym, but it will also be involved in the development of business with our customers and our sponsors.”

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