New development scientists purify water using light

The prototype of green material can in one hour to clean drinking water for up to four people with light and destroy almost 100% of bacteria in 10 litres of water.

Нова розробка вчених очищує воду за допомогою світла

New material – a two-dimensional plate graphite carbon nitride is a photocatalyst: when it hits the light, it emits electrons, creating a destructive substances on the basis of oxygen, which destroy the germs. The researchers wrote in the article published in the journal Chem, informs Rus.Media.

This development could avoid the shortcomings of other similar technologies. In the most effective of modern photocatalysts contain metals that can get into water in the form of toxic pollutants. There are other non-fotocatalizador, but they are less effective because stronger hold electrons.

Materialoved Guaico Wang from University of Technology Sydney and his colleagues have created ultrathin plates of graphite and carbon nitride added thereto chemical groups, like acids and ketones, which leads the electrons to the edges of the plates. There, the electrons “jump” to the oxygen atoms in water and oxygen to form chemicals like hydrogen peroxide that kill microbes.

Нова розробка вчених очищує воду за допомогою світла

Development destroyed 99.9999% of bacteria, including E. coli (Escherichia coli) in 50 mellemrum the water sample. This corresponds to the best efficiency of the catalyst based on metal. Moreover, it killed the germs in just 30 minutes – that’s faster than the previous non-photocatalyst, which took more than an hour.

The team then attached nanoplastyri to the inside of plastic bags, purified 10 liters of water per hour.

“We sought to develop an effective way of using sunlight to provide water to underdeveloped or remote regions without centralized supply,” Wang said. He also noted that the combination of carbon and nitrogen should make a low-cost material. Next the researchers intend to work together with engineers to scale development for commercial application.