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The prolific Dumas returns this year with a twelfth studio album in a career.

Let this sentence which appears to stutter in his syntax : not bad disks expected in the coming months correspond to the performances expected in the months to come. I insist on purpose. And I will explain. There was a time when the drives appeared in the fall, season pomp which culminated in the Feasts, as it is offered objects, with the music engraved on it, or encoded within, out of the vinyl to the CD (by way of tapes, four -, or eight-track). At the beginning of February of lining up of first shows, taking advantage of sales before Christmas. There was a significant interval between the album and the show album, what it was supposed to be the time necessary for the absorption of the new songs.


It still happens, but the time has sped up, the sales are chagrinées and the industry is cloud. Now, we launch a first preview of the album for as long as possible upstream, and one closer to the outputs, up to attach them : either the show follows very closely the disk, it neutralizes downright the picnic plate by combining in a single event, the launch show. Increasingly, the term “launch” to enable this, the artist plays ALL the songs new in a first-time-that-there-is-more-everything-done-a : the public can discover the material of a block. This requires a lot of trust from both sides. This is the new bet.


Blitz or no blitz

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Justin Timberlake during a performance at the Festival Pilgrimage of Franklin, Tennessee, last September

See Justin Timberlake the mégavedette : when to come out Man of the Woods, the tour Man of the Woods will be by train. There will be just a month between the arrival of the Deception Day of Milk & Bone on digital platforms and in-store (including the vinyl version, it again is required) and the show in Montreal in light.


The singer new zealand’s Marlon Williams will be in town at roughly the same time as its Make Way for Love to reach our shores. Same for the duo of First Aid Kit : it is almost the concurrency for the album Ruins, and the spectacle of the album Ruins. No risk to take on in 2018. Up to a Joan Baez , which coincide with his first album of new material in ten years (Whistle Down the Wind) with what she announced as her last year of touring : the activist she has lost none of its bite and there are just a few little fingers of the small hands that it is necessary to prevent them from tapping any red button by mistake.


There will be some who will continue to make their head of cabbage. A Arthur H we frequent enough for the double albumAmour dog crazy we reach mid-January and that he will return us to sing it when he sees fit, probably not before the FrancoFolies : a question of loyalty.

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The author-composer-interpreter with French Juliette Armanet

Others even carry their new products, but never move : Mylène Farmer will serve what I serve, but without follow-up. To the opposite, it’s a safe bet that the local output of the deluxe edition of the album girlfriend Juliette Armanet (with four titles in addition to) prepare for his coming. Dominique A, Fire ! Chatterton, Franz Ferdinand, James Hunter Six, Calexico, same fight : hurry up to listen to our proposals, we disembark.


Some still preferred the soft way : the arrival on disc of the trio CHANCE (Chloé Lacasse, Vincent Square, Geneviève Toupin), scheduled for April, was prepared slowly, without getting upset, for a year. Ian Kelly is linked to the Magneto Trio for the pleasure of a new project optional : the quartet thus formed is called Mr. Chandler. As it’s pronounced. Similarly, Éric Goulet, announces a new Mr. Mono. When it will happen ? When this will be the time.

The ideal time for Dumas

There’s a moment in the real careers of singer-songwriters where it’s starts on new tracks, a few stations further on the path to self. Nothing that you hear east of Eden, the first excerpt of My ideals, it is evident that Dumas was deposited. The time has passed, the method of the riff repeated end-to-end experiences. The musical vocabulary is enriched. This groove without haste, it gets to stay. This bodes quite frankly the best for the album. It is launched on the 23rd of February, an ideal date. We will take the time to talk about it.

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