New event anticonfinement in the United States, Trump limit immigration

Nouvelle manifestation anticonfinement aux États-Unis, Trump limite l’immigration

WASHINGTON | Donald Trump should sign on Wednesday a decree temporarily suspending the issuance of green cards in order, he said, to protect american jobs in the midst of a crisis linked to the coronavirus, while demonstrations to demand the reopening of the economy will continue across the United States.

Elected in 2016 on the promise to build a wall between his country and Mexico, Donald Trump has made immigration a key issue of his presidency and his re-election campaign before the election in November.

“To protect our wonderful american workers, I just signed a decree temporarily suspending immigration to the United States,” he declared during his press conference daily.

This suspension, with an initial term of 60 days, is designed to ensure that unemployed Americans ” are the first served in terms of jobs as our economy is due to reopen “, he added, assuring that it was also ” to preserve our health care resources to patients in the u.s. “.

Contrary to what the tenant of the White House had initially suggested, the suspension will not apply to the temporary work visa, but the only green cards that offer permanent resident status.

More than 22 million Americans have lost their jobs since the crisis of the sars coronavirus has suddenly paralyzed the economy.

With almost 46 000 deaths, the United States displayed the heavier balance of the world. They count more than 826 000 cases of Covid-19.

And the hospitals in certain regions that are particularly affected are still struggling to meet the influx of patients, while the country has registered one of its worst balance sheets daily Tuesday, with more than 2 700 deaths.

“Need jobs”

Donald Trump has, however, ruled last week that it was time to ” reboot America “, leaving each of the governors to make the decision depending on the severity of the epidemic in his State.

Some have quickly started to relax the rules of distancing. Of Florida beaches were allowed to reopen last Sunday, the governors of Texas and Vermont have carefully revived some activities as early as Monday, while Georgia will go away as soon as Friday.

Hairdressers, beauty salons and tattoos, bowling alleys and other small businesses will be able to open their doors well that this State of the South does not respond to the recommendations of the White House, which called, inter alia save 14 days of a decrease in the number of infections before easing.

Its republican governor, Brian Kemp, has suggested that employees comply with the safety distances, but they seem to be difficult to maintain in some of these professions.

In the States still under the order of containment, the Americans, the increase for the last several days the protests to call to revive the economy.

“We need jobs. The people can’t pay their rent, they can’t buy food, ” said to AFP Jason Roberge, who came to protest Wednesday in Richmond, capital of Virginia.

“Freedom rather than fear “, could we read on the sign aloft by a man while motorists, waving american flags, or in the name of Donald Trump, klaxonnaient.

To support small businesses in distress and to try to ensure their jobs, the Congress should approve on Thursday a new aid plan of nearly $ 500 billion, which will also fund hospitals and will strengthen the capacity of screening, a factor considered crucial to be able to boost the economic activity.

In the Face of States who are preparing for a ” reopening “, the governor of New York, the epicentre of the pandemic in the United States, has launched this warning resounding: “We can’t be stupid “.

“I understand the pressure that can feel for a governor to relax the rules, said the democrat Andrew Cuomo, while rejecting categorically the argument that the paralysis of the economy and the containment are worse than the risk of the epidemic spreading.

“Yes, this is your life […]. You can do what you want. Except that you are now responsible for my life, ” he explained. “It is not a matter of you “.

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