New generation: the Moldovan ensemble “Joc” has revived the children’s Studio

PHOTO : TASS / Potarniche Michael


The participants of the folk dance ensemble “Joc” has opened a children’s Studio. Known in the Commonwealth team of Moldova scored the first disciples after 20-year hiatus. In the classroom was visited by the correspondent channel “WORLD 24” Olesea Cazacu.

People’s artist of Moldova Hope Khabashesku gives in the native ensemble lessons in classical dance. The ensemble “Joc” for the first time after a long break scored a Studio for children.

“We have chosen, looking at their potential, the turnout step, the musicality, the loftiness of course, the looks were, but although they change, they grow”, – said the ballet master, people’s artist of Moldova Hope Habasescu.

In the Soviet years, academic ensemble named “calling card Moldova.” More than 10 thousand concerts around the world, everywhere – applause. With the collapse of the Soviet Union foreign tours almost ceased: the best dancers went abroad.

To cope with staff shortages for the last 20 years “Joc” helped the national College of choreography. This year, the band has decided to revive the children’s Studio.

“Children who we have trained to dance in the style of “Joc”, they nurture, they are constantly with us, we give them the nature of our movements and dances. This gives the result. And the teachers are former dancers of “Joc” – reflect this style. That’s why we came to the conclusion that is needed for the team to have a “kennel”, – said the Director of the children’s Studio of the national ballet “Joc” George Kiper.

300 comers to the Studio took 70 children. Ahead of regular classes and large concerts. The new program will be presented at the children’s Day.

“Folk dance is our nation is what we are. It is difficult of contemporary dance, here a higher level. I was dancing in a folk ensemble before, but it was an Amateur team, the academic level here,” said a student of children’s Studio of the national ballet “Joc” Mihaela Batalov.

Children’s Studio will provide a group of strong dancers, but no increase of salaries of employee turnover does not stop. Therefore, the leadership of the “Joc” in talks with leading impresario in the world. With the resumption of the tour are counting on the increase of fees.

Moldavian mass dance is so popular that the country in 1990-ies was a registered trademark “Joc”.