New home hatching: 34 COVID-19 in a residence for elders of Beauport

Nouveau foyer d'éclosion: 34 cas de COVID-19 dans une résidence pour aînés de Beauport

The crisis in housing for the elderly is far from being finished with a new home for the birth at the private residence of The Gardens of Evangeline, in the area of Beauport, where at least 34 people are already infected.

Even if the situation is stable and encouraging among the population of Québec, places of accommodation for the elderly are still living hell.

“A new home hatching with regard to facilities that host elderly persons is added with the private seniors’ residence The Gardens of Evangeline “, said Dr. François Desbiens.

The CIUSSS of the National Capital says that the managers of the residence quickly took contact with public health to enable effective actions.

Of religious

On Friday, a decision was taken to test all the patrons and employees of the place. Several religious that are hosted on-site have been infected. No deaths have been identified for the moment.

In the group reaches the COVID-19, it has 32 users and two staff members.

These figures show the evolution in the last 48 hours. The number of people infected could increase.

The residence The Gardens of Evangeline is a complex of residential rental of 187 units, which belongs to the Group Lokia.

The site for people autonomous and semi-autonomous, hosted two religious orders, the Ursulines and the Sisters Servants of the Holy Heart of Mary, in their transition accommodation.

Four dead

In addition, Dr. François Desbiens has also announced four new deaths, bringing the total to 41 deaths to date in the National Capital.

These four deaths occurred again Jeffery Hale, always the worst place in the region, and from afar.

Until now, 24 people have lost their lives to this institution of the district of Saint-Sacrement.

Some 144 people, users and staff members have been infected at the Jeffery Hale since the last few weeks, and the list gets longer by the day.

Still in Quebec city, the other three patrons and three employees are added to the list of people infected with CHSLD Paul-Triquet.

The last balance-sheet on the territory of the Capitale-Nationale region reported 775 people infected since the beginning of the crisis.

Few cases

On the side of Chaudière-Appalaches, the situation is stable. The last balance-sheet shows four additional cases of COVID-19, for a total of 378 cases.

Seven people are hospitalized, all in critical care, and 226 people are restored. The Manor Liverpool, the situation is also stable.

The total of seven deaths for the region is the same for several days.

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