New mechanism: how will be funded by shareholders



The first of July in Russia came into force new rules for shared housing. Now to the money holders, the developer will only after the completion of the work.

How does the new mechanism of attracting funds of shareholders, in the Studio of TV channel “MIR 24” said the General Director of Federal news Agency “Construction” Alexander Gusev.

Alexander Gusev: the Third can only be the state. The state does not sign the Treaty, but it is indirectly involved because it has developed such a scheme.

Alexander Gusev: Money isn’t everything money’s in the Bank, they are issued in phases to the developer. But the final payment he will receive only after the house will be accepted.

Alexander Gusev: banks Have clear instructions on which they work. They should study the history of this project, from inspection of documentation, that is, to conduct the examination. Of course, they look at how much money is in the accounts from the developer. If ten thousand of the share capital, the Bank will do nothing. The more working capital from the developer, the lower interest rate can give the Bank. There is no no ceiling. Rate on the Bank can be even 3-4% if the Builder has accumulated funds in the large size.