“New Onegin”: the main theatre of Russia is preparing for the premiere

PHOTO : Mir24.tv / Igor Medvedev


The main theatre of Russia is preparing for the premiere of the Opera of Peter Tchaikovsky “Eugene Onegin”. It is set on the historic stage. At the dress rehearsal was visited by the correspondent of “MIR 24” Olga Zhemchugova.

For the first time the Opera “Eugene Onegin”, the audience saw at the Bolshoi theatre in 1881. Since then it has gone 10 productions and two revisions, the latest of which took place in 2006 at the new stage. And here in 2019 “Eugene Onegin” returns to the historical stage of the Bolshoi theatre.

Today, it is not Onegin “brings the binoculars on the Lodge a stranger to the ladies,” and ladies bring lorgnettes and mobile phones, to get a closer look, the costumes and sets. This time the Russian classics have entrusted the Israeli Director. “Eugene Onegin” puts Yevgeny Arye — artistic Director of the famous theater “Gesher”.

“Every time I re-read Pushkin, I see something new and wonder how a man his age could be so wise, so bold. In theatre, for example, direct conversation with the audience about 30 years ago there was, perhaps,” said the Director of the Opera “Eugene Onegin” by Yevgeny Arye.

The audacity and irony of Pushkin the Director tried to save and too serious, in his opinion, Tchaikovsky. So, out of nowhere, sighing next to Tatiana on the meadow be the cock, goose, goat and even bear. It is later revealed that this disguise Onegin.

A large part of the performance of Onegin appeared before the audience just two ordinary suits. However, in recognition of the artist, the shirt he had to change behind the scenes almost every half-hour – soaked through and through. Whether because it’s hot on stage, whether because of experiences Onegin.

“He doesn’t understand what he is dealing with. For it is at the same time and somehow painful, very painful, and at the same time very good to him. This is for him and scary and wonderful,” said the performer of the role of Onegin, Igor golovatenco.

Interestingly, the author of the Opera Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky shortly before writing the work also received love letters from girls. However, unlike Onegin, for him, it ended in marriage, though not the best. Feeling resulted in music that sounds for more than a century almost without interruption in the Large.