New roof Notre Dame want to do with the heated

Новую крышу Нотр-Даму хотят сделать с подогревом

French architectural Bureau Vincent Callebaut Architectures has presented the project of restoration of the Notre Dame Cathedral called Palingenesis, which in Greek means “revival”. According to the authors, Notre Dame will become a “building with positive energy, which produces more than it consumes,” writes .

The roof and spire of the Cathedral, the architects propose to perform from glass, oak and carbon fibre. So the roof will generate electricity and heat. And the spire will install copper rooster, who has previously crowned the Cathedral survived a fire.

On the roof of Notre Dame, the restorers also offer to plant a garden and orchard. They believe that this site will bring up to 21 tons of vegetables and fruits per year. The harvest will distribute free of charge to all in need. The architects expect that the restored Cathedral will become the new face of the Church in the twenty-first century.

We will remind, the fire in the Cathedral of Notre Dame occurred in mid-April. The accident had destroyed part of the roof and spire. To extinguish fire it was possible only next day. The President of France Emmanuel macron promised that the Cathedral will be restored in five years.

The reconstruction project of the Notre Dame Cathedral have been approved. The French National Assembly discussed it for 13 hours. Now the document sent for consideration to the Senate, a meeting of the upper house will be held on may 27.