New “scandals-intrigues-investigations” on “Telegram to the Ukrainian channels”

Новые "скандалы-интриги-расследования" на тему "Украинские Telegram-каналы"

New “scandals-intrigues-investigations” on “Telegram to the Ukrainian channels” his first “pearl” given “the Censor.NO,” then now is to study the topic decided in the “Depot”. Study, of course, not because they are interested in this field or because their audience is starting to read the Telegram. But because they got another order. In the framework of the same campaign, and “Censor”, we all have studied, the points ( To summarize again makes no sense, the situation is the same. We will not retell the essence of “investigation”. But once the “Depot” claims to be exposing on the subject of “who works for whom” – to help them do this.And tell you who owns the self “Depot”. Which is one mesh with “the Censor.NO” Butusov, “the Left coast” Koshkin “Letters” Roschuk. All familiar names, right?Now, the “Depot” belongs to the Deputy from BPP last convocation Vadim Denisenko. In 2014, he was on the list of the party Poroshenko under the number 45 on the “quota Bakhmatyuk”, who was the real owner of ID “Cartel”, which was part of the magazines “Business capital”, “the Power of money”, site of “the Depot”.But officially the owner of the holding company in March 2014 it became Denisenko, before that, editor-in-chief of the online channel Espreso. tv. Denisenko has denied any involvement in the deal Bakhmatyuk.To this publisher belonged to the shareholders of Russian oil giants “LUKOIL”. Obviously, after the Maidan in the Russian company tried to get rid of such illiquid asset. Although the terms on which the holding was transferred Denisenko, and is not known. The catch here is this. If we open a “zero” electronic Declaration Denisenko for 2013, we will see that the total annual income of the family of this soldier of the pen and the microphone was a little over 206 thousand UAH (or 17 thousand UAH a month) – not great earnings for the whole of the chief editor of the channel. And certainly not enough to buy up shares of PJSC “ID “Cartel”, the price of the full package which at that time exceeded UAH 8 million (declared in 2013, family income Denisenko approximately 38 years). Vadim Denisenko, of course, such money was not.A simple analysis of Google search results shows that the sites of the newspaper “Business capital” and site of “the Depot” included in a “Cartel”, are absolute Champions in the PR Bakhmatyuk and his agroenergy. In addition, ID “Cartel” was reissued on the same Cypriots, which Oleg bakhmatyuk has rewritten part of its assets that, for whatever reasons, do not want to “Shine”. First it was the Pump Kyriakides, then Riana of Lomouri.Not less interesting situation, by the way, was with the television channel espresso. Its founders in the fall of 2013 was made by the wife of Nicholas knyazhytsky (ex-MP from the popular front) with a share of 99% and Vadim Denisenko (1%). Until June 2017 Denisenko and knyazhitsky remained the nominal owners of the channel. But sold it to ex-Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk and Inna Avakova (wife well, you know whom). In December 2017, these comrades handed over their shares in the Charter capital of “espresso” in favor of foreign Entertainment, Atmosphere, the ultimate owner of which is Ivan Zhevago. Interestingly, in June 2017 Yatsenyuk bought his share for 3.8 million (or 145 thousand dollars). Six months later he sold it to the son of an oligarch and Deputy Zhevago for $ 1.5 million. The transaction was highly questionable, law enforcement at least it’s worth it to do.In Parliament Denisenko-knyazhitsky began to work together, despite different factions. And in the elections of 2019, Denisenko – YOU won’T BELIEVE… the Candidate from Narodni deputies from part “the Power of I honor,” No. 15 viborcha list. Where, as we recall, Poroshenko tried to push some of their people. Denisenko by the way, the author of a collection of short stories “the attempt banalny Stin”. Vadim I., we recommend you to read.”Depot”, this is the case. And not what you wrote. And at the same time “to read” for colleagues @Shaurma_Ze, @legitimniy, @zradaperemoga, @KrokooDil, @godeye_ru, @vestiukr, @skosoi, @sheptoon, @razvedinfo, @tsibulya_ua @KlymenkoTime @slugavlastiKlymenkoTime

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