New series: Yuliya Peresild, Alexander Ustyugov, Sergey Puskepalis in the TV series “the Golden Horde”

Yulia Peresild in the role of Ustina in the TV series “the Golden Horde”

The series premiere of “the Golden Horde” which some critics and Internet users are quick to call our response “Game of thrones” (Game of Thrones) and “the Magnificent century”, was held this week. And if after seeing the title and poster for the film, you have decided that it’s a boring historical movie, you are greatly mistaken. In fact, the Central theme of this series was the role of women in history, which now, after the burst of statements from celebrities about the harassment and their struggle for gender equality, became especially relevant. What else the series will be interesting to the audience — tell in our article on SPLETNIK.RU.


The action series is set in late thirteenth century — one of the most difficult periods in the history of Ancient Russia when it was under the yoke of the Tatar-Mongol yoke. However, those who to the story (especially not modern) are indifferent, should not get upset — one of the main themes of the series is love. While in Russia is strife (Prince Boris gets in the way of his brother, Yaroslav, who wants to unite the Russian principalities), to its capital arrives envoy of the Golden Horde, Mengu-Temir. In exchange for thousands of Russian soldiers, which he was going to take in the Mongol army, he proposed to Yaroslav to give him a wife of Boris, the beautiful Ustino that is so liked Mongol Khan Berke. Yaroslav, being a man of honest and fair, of course, to take this step can not. However, Boris believes otherwise (after all, thousands of soldiers, in his opinion, much more important than one woman) with ease and gives her to another man. Mengu-Temir, in turn, as a gift leaves Yaroslav the young Nargis, in which the Prince eventually, of course, fall in love and which ultimately will bring him a lot of problems. The same ustinya abroad will have hard times, but a love relationship it will not pass side — between her and Mengu-Temir flare up feelings.

Yulia Peresild in the role of Ustina in the TV series “the Golden Horde”
Aruzhan Gazalbekov in the role of Nargis and Alexander Ustyugov role of Prince Yaroslav in the TV series “the Golden Horde”

The plot

On the plot of the series, its writers, led by Olga Larionova worked for two years. It’s no surprise that the picture turned out as realistic as possible, had to resort to the help of historians. However, as told the Director of the series: Timur Alpatov, who worked on such films as “Grouse”, “undercover” and “the Game”, after hearing the views of three different consultants, each of which had its own perspective on this historical period, he decided to depart from the facts and to make a historical fantasy. All of the characters and the events in the film are fictional and the images collectively.

Alexander Ustyugov in the role of Prince Yaroslav in the TV series “the Golden Horde”

In the series, there are a lot of bloopers. For example, the Golden Horde shows the barbaric state, while in fact she was at that time already very well developed in the social and economic meanings and could boast of a large and progressive cities (unlike the same Russia). In addition, the Horde in the film, positioned as the Gentiles, though in the end of XIII century they have professed Islam.

We are not restoring a historical period, do not pretend and do not aim at full compliance with the historical reality. Hardly anyone of our contemporaries has absolutely certain knowledge of the mentioned historical period. Over the past century, history was rewritten countless times — descriptions of events long since turned into a legend. And their interpretation — especially

— said creative producer of the series Catherine Denisevich.

Svetlana Kolpakova in the role of Princess Radmila in the TV series “the Golden Horde”

The cast and crew

Starring in the series performed Yulia Peresild (Ustinja), Alexander Ustyugov (Prince Yaroslav) and Sergey Puskepalis (Governor Jeremiah). And if for Timur Alpatov there was no doubt (that these actors after reading the script he’d seen in the lead roles of the series), but with actors who had to play the representatives of the Golden Horde, there is a problem. Within five months, the project team searched for them in Kazakhstan, Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, Kalmykia and other regions. In the end, the role of Nargis and Mengu-Temir Kazakhstan approved actors Aruzhan Gazalbekov and Sanjar MADI, and Berke Khan was played by the Russian actor Ramil Sabitov.

Sanjar MADI in the role of Mengu-Temir in the TV series “the Golden Horde”

As recognized by Yulia Peresild, to transform the role of the wife of an old Russian Prince, she was difficult and on the role of Ustina, she worked long and hard.

Ustinja will stop at nothing for power, if you want to kill the baby, go for it. It is important that in Russia she is an outstanding woman and was given to marry a man she doesn’t love. And this dislike it nurtured the strongest leadership qualities. She has a serious ambition to capture the throne and control a large number of people. Most importantly, she has the brains for it!

— said the actress about the character of the heroine.

Still from the TV series “the Golden Horde”

My hero Jeremy — Governor, that is, the Minister of defence. It deals with the Affairs of detachments, combat training. And, like many other characters of the series, understands this weird feeling, like suddenly nagryanuvshaya love to the girl from a hostile camp,

— told Puskepalis.

Sergei Puskepalis in the role of Governor Jeremiah in the TV series “the Golden Horde”

Interesting facts

1. Especially for the series was created around 2000 costumes, and some were borrowed from old movies (for example, “Ruslan and Lyudmila” and “Sadko”).

2. The actors who participated in the shooting, was active in sports. The weight of the swords, chain mail and other armor they had to wear on its own, reached 20 pounds.

3. One of the most implausible moments in the film are in fact the characters themselves. In the series, the representatives of the Golden Horde (especially girls) are not very similar to their real prototypes — many people think that they are “too attractive and pretty” (whatever that means), while in Chronicles is full of references about their ugliness.

4. The shooting took place at elk island in Moscow (there was built a wooden decoration area of ten thousand square meters, in which there was a place princely Palace, temple, Russian huts and even lives) and in the Crimea.


If some fans have called “the Golden Horde” our answer to “Game of thrones” (Prince Yaroslav compare with Jamie Lannister, and the struggle for the throne in Russia is reminiscent of the battle for the Iron Throne) and “the Magnificent century” (domestic series have in common the love line), the other was subjected to a series of criticism, calling it boring, unreliable (although the Director explicitly stated that no claim to historical movies) and sluggish.

I liked the series. It is foolish to look for one hundred percent accuracy in the historical series. Created the atmosphere of that time clearly, there is action and meaning. And most importantly,

— wrote one Internet user.

Taken solidly, vividly, the place that the types, sets, costumes — they are encouraging. Another thing is that the costumes, the scenery, the appearance of the actors don’t match their own time, turns of phrase abound characteristic of 21st century slang,

— shared his opinion of the other.

In one, however, came together almost all the acting was very good.

And I want to say: “Yes, I do!”,

— wrote one of the Internet polzovateley.

Make sure of all, of course, still better — especially since the series premiere has already taken place.

Still from the TV series “the Golden Horde”
Dean Tasbulatova in the TV series “the Golden Horde”
Yulia Peresild in the role of Ustina in the TV series “the Golden Horde”

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