New talk show at TVA: meeting at the top with Patrick Huard

New talk show at TVA: meeting at the top with Patrick Huard

The first time we offered a talk show to Patrick Huard, it was at the turn of the millennium, when he had been rolling his bumps as a comedian and actor for ten years. At that time, the main party declined the offer.

In an interview with the Journal , Patrick Huard claims to have rejected several such opportunities over the next two decades. Some projects got on the air, others didn't. Huard refuses to give further details, however. Details that could undoubtedly offend the ego of the personalities that were finally chosen to pilot these programs.

Patrick Huard gives several reasons to explain his repeated refusals. His reluctance to “play host” is one of them. His lack of experience too.

But today, he believes he has “what it takes in his toolbox”. This is why, from Monday, he will appear at the controls of a new talk show called La tour, at TVA.

“When you're in your fifties, you can tackle a lot of subjects,” says the man who will be celebrating his 52nd birthday in January. I have lived, my listening is different, my sensitivity too. I am in the right place. ”

“I was too young to have my show at 30. There were plenty of people I wouldn't have been comfortable talking to. I probably wouldn't have been able to follow the puck . ”

In the news

Conceived by Quebecor Content and developed and produced in collaboration with Trio Orange ( Animal Refuge , It'll be fine ), La tour will emerge from the mold of traditional talk shows , we are promised.

According to the information provided by TVA, Patrick Huard will welcome every day – in the heart of a large loft decor at the top of a tower – personalities from different backgrounds to talk about all kinds of things, but especially current affairs.

“I always liked to follow the news, indicates the jack-of-all-trades. My interests vary a lot. It goes very, very futile and useless to the business more deep. I read the newspapers, I have listened to talk radio for years. Economy, technology, politics … I am interested in a lot of things. And I have my little obsessions: fashion, board games, watches … ”

Patrick Huard also says he is thirsty to learn. A few years ago, he bought a world map to fill in his gaps in geography, a subject in which he had some difficulty.

“I sucked. And when I say no, I mean no. For me, South America was a vague concept. ”

Patrick Huard agreed to host La tour because he wanted a different adventure. And when you take a look at the format of the show, you tend to think that it will be served.

The tower will have its own universe. Three groups of people will form the entourage of Patrick Huard. The first will be made up of the comedian's “friends”, reports a TVA press release.

In clear language, we are talking about collaborators who will come to participate in the discussions sporadically, such as Guylaine Tremblay, Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge, Karine Vanasse, Jean-Charles Lajoie, Laurent Paquin, Léane Labrèche-Dor, Mélissa Bédard, Dr Jean-François Chicoine and Philippe-Audrey Larrue-St-Jacques.

The term “friends” is used in the broad sense, specifies Patrick Huard. “I worked with Karine Vanasse just once. It was on Taxi 0-22 . But every time we meet, it's fun . ”

“I was really happy that she agreed to participate in the show. Because she is a modern woman. I can't wait for her to come and share her point of view. ”

Rapper Quentin Condo, a face less known to the general public, will also join the event.

“He's a fishing friend,” Huard reveals. He's a really interesting guy. An Indigenous person, spokesperson for the First Nations, father of five boys, ex-politician … He's a super- grounded guy, an artist, a slammer, super open-minded … ”

“There is no chronicle, continues the host. People come to debate, chat, express themselves … That's what we want to offer: real exchanges. Because with social media, it seems like everyone is screaming into the void. There is no one on the other side. ”

A sitcom

In addition to “friends”, La tour will be made up of occasional “visitors”, traditionally called “guests”. Finally, the show will feature a third category of participants: Patrick Huard's “neighbors”. These “neighbors”, who are described as “colorful characters” who live on different levels of the host's building, will make up the sitcom portion of the talk show .

We will find there in particular Stanley, a friendly accountant, Xavier, a mum's son suffering from a slight intellectual disability, Robert, a security guard who dreams of becoming a comedian, and Mathieu, a single father who spends too much time on the internet. .

“The sitcom portion was already planned before I embarked, underlines Patrick Huard. My first reaction was: Oh boy ! How are we gonna do this? But the more I was told about it, the more I was convinced that it was perfectly acceptable. This is a bit what Marc Labrèche did, but in a more assumed and direct way. ”

Until the end

At the time of our interview, Patrick Huard had watched the editing of the first pilot, a test program that we record before going on the air, and according to him, the sitcom marriage and the broken-off conversations “flowed naturally”.

“For me, it's natural. Are people going to find the same thing? I do not know. But it's interesting to play with these codes. How far can we twist the patent? Are we able to do something different? ”

“The proposal is: I receive people at my place. And I tend to believe that if you try something, you have to try it all the way. So I have to act like home. I have to go all out, that is to say without boxes, without questions, without formulas. We must not stall the moment; you have to live it. ”

A talk show in the COVID era

It's not easy to start a talk show in the midst of a pandemic. Patrick Huard knows something about it. The tower will take the air as there is talk of the second wave of COVID-19.

“There are several things we wanted to do that we can't do,” says the host. It's supposed to be home, we want it warm, but at the same time, I'm not allowed to hug anyone. Even approaching someone is impossible. The staging is complicated. ”

Patrick Huard confirms, however, that he knew what he was getting into when accepting this contract last spring. And since the objective is to offer authentic interviews, transparency will be essential in front of the objective.

“People will see us with masks. They're going to see me wash my hands during the interview because I just served someone a drink. ”

Les Honorables in 2021

In preparation for almost two years, the sequel to the Honorable should see the light of day next year on Club illico. Signed by the author Jacques Diamant ( All the truth, Ruptures ), this second season will revolve around the Dessureaux fight to release Ludovic (Patrick Huard), accused of murder.

Filming, which was due to take place this summer, has finally been postponed due to the coronavirus. Director Louis Choquette ( 19-Two, Mirador ) is still attached to the project.

“If all goes well, we could shoot in the spring,” says Patrick Huard.

Echoes of Squad 99

Virtually absent from social networks (his last tweet dates from August 2014), Patrick Huard has not yet taken the public's pulse on Squad 99 , the Brooklyn Nine-Nine adaptation he made for Club illico. Released on September 17 after a few weeks of controversy surrounding the diversity of its cast, the first season garnered favorable reviews, but Huard hardly read anything.

“I wait to see the vibe in the street. I'm very old school on it. When I do something, people tell me about it at the grocery store. They tell me “Hey, that was good” or “Hey, I'll skip my turn”. But because of the talk show preparations, I didn't have much time to go for a walk. ”

One thing is certain, Patrick Huard really liked his return behind the camera, 10 years after Filière 13 . “I missed it. When we were filming I was like, “Tabarouette, why did I wait so long?” But life is that. I was offered beautiful roles during these years. Good cop bad cop 2 took me three years. Time flies. ”

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