New technology: in Moscow started the festival of design and digital art




They talk about themselves and bring a full audience. In Moscow passes festival of design and digital art. Guests – media artists – share their stories of success. They listened to the correspondent channel “WORLD 24” Sergei Polyakov.

Come here for art Directors, designers, illustrators, representatives of film studios. International festival of design and digital art brings together famous people who have achieved success in the field of digital visual culture. But sometimes, they just tell their story. To hear them at the door to the hall queues.

Each guest – a rich career path. Jonas Kjellberg – founder of Skype, Alik Sakharov – one of the operators and Directors of the series “Game of thrones”. A total of 12 big names. They created the world hits now and talk to the students about his journey and life values.

“I did a lot of things, has launched more than 50 companies. And let’s be honest, most of them have sunk into oblivion and was not successful. I changed career after Skype went to Stanford and began teaching, while I have never had a diploma, says Kjellberg.

The forum Telling Stories is a platform for sharing experiences and also learning format, say the organizers of the festival of the Higher school of Economics. How to stand out, to go beyond the conveying of thinking, in what direction the digital world and how the individual person to find his place in it – that’s the mission of the festival.

“The secret of success of life in the modern world – the success of communication with the world. And the success of communication with the world depends on the ability to be interesting and to Express himself as such. That’s a pretty thin story,” says Dean of the faculty of communications, media and design HSE Andrey Bystritsky.

“I think things like Telling Stories, where do gurus come both Russian and foreign, featuring a young special – reserve optional knowledge. Knowledge based on emotion, irrational combinations. This is what gives us identity and is something for which we will pay the money in 25 years,” said HSE rector Yaroslav Kuzminov.

Telling Stories is the attempt of individualization of basic common knowledge. And it is part of our future, according to the organizers, where successful will become only the extraordinary company and the creative leaders.