New TESS telescope will search for extraterrestrial life

Новый телескоп TESS займется поиском внеземной жизни

The launch telescope is scheduled for April 16 in the United States.

NASA will launch the transit space telescope TESS, who needs to hunt for planets on which life could exist, the website of the TV channel

TESS is now undergoing final preparations in Florida. “We expect that TESS will discover a number of planets whose atmospheric composition suggests the presence of life, scientists will study its atmosphere in detail,” – said principal investigator of the TESS mission, George Ricker.

March 15, the spacecraft passed the inspection, who confirmed that he is ready to start. TESS will launch with a US air force base at Cape Canaveral. Then using the gravitational pull of the moon, the spacecraft will be fixed by 13.7 day orbit around the Earth. 60 days after startup and checks instruments, the satellite will begin its two-year mission.

The spacecraft will look for a phenomenon known as the transit when the planet passes in front of the star, causing periodic dimming of the star.

“TESS will throw a record-wide network to search for mysterious worlds whose properties will be investigated by a space telescope “James Webb” and other missions”, – said the Director of the astrophysics division in the headquarters of NASA Paul Hertz.

TESS will focus on stars within 300 light-years in 30-100 times brighter than the goal of “Kepler”. The brightness of these stars will allow researchers to use spectroscopy – the science of absorption and emission of light to determine the mass, density, and atmospheric composition of the planet. Water and other key molecules in the atmospheres will give us clues about the ability of planets to support life.

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