New track Lip – Gonagkend in Azerbaijan will connect the center with the Outback

PHOTO : MIR / Nicholas kostyushin


The mountain villages in the North-East of Azerbaijan are building a new road. The track is Lip – Gonagkend will connect the hinterland with the regional center, reports the correspondent of “MIR 24” Zaur Mustafayev.

Village Gonagkend with a population of fifteen thousand people with the district center links broken mountain road and the old wooden bridge. From here to the Lips of almost 50 kilometers, and the machine here will not pass.

“Mountain river Tsimi very violent and not once washed away our bridge. Sometimes, for months we could not reach this area”, – says a resident of the village Gonagkend Khanlar ainulloev.

Soon the people of the provinces will be a new road. Construction began this year. The work allocated from the budget of 13 million dollars.

“The road will be reconstructed with the terrain. And the terrain is difficult – the soil from debris flows loose. We drained the soil and only a few months started laying. According to the results of the work width of the roadway will be seven meters” – said Brigadier Nagi agakishiev.

A two-lane highway lay by modern standards. She will be safe with road markings and reflective signs. A stretch of 12 kilometers is already covered with asphalt.

“This is my native village. And for me, it’s not just a job but a holiday. Finally we will be able to get to the city without problems,” said driver roller, Farhad Dashdemirov.

Future highway will help the development of tourism in the region. Travelers will be able to see a 20-metre waterfall, to drink the purest water from the springs, admire the mountain scenery.

The project will build several bridges. The construction of the highway has allocated almost $ 12 million.