New year parties on the nose in Ukraine has been unexpected trends

Новогодние корпоративы на носу: в Украине наметились неожиданные тренды

Large companies are shifting corporate celebration in January, and the little refuse of the feasts.
Time corporate events for the New year 2020 is in full swing. Empty seats in restaurants and concert halls is almost gone, warn the organizers of the party. But a lot of groups have planned a holiday after the New year.

New year party in January – a fresh idea for Ukraine. In this experiment decided Evelina Galoyan with colleagues. Until the end of the year still want to work, and then relax. Instead of competitions and performances guide will arrange quests for teambuilding.

“Engagement, fervor and team spirit, helping to unite and then to solve serious business problems in the work,” says Galoyan.

The company is really moving away from officialdom, the Director of event Agency Olga biletska. Customers want to delve into a story, become the hero of a movie or theatrical performance.

“The more unexpected the dress code is you come, the more people try to Express themselves. A lot of holidays in traditional style or casino style. We even made an event on the theme of the future: whom will we 100 years from now, aliens, with tinfoil,” says Beletskaya.

Parties increased the number of entertainment, says Olga. Then you and the magicians with fortune-tellers, and DJs with Ukrainian hits. Treating also new trends. Instead of salads with mayonnaise and baked pigs – European cuisine.

“A variety of snacks, canapes, eclairs, profiteroles – something that can take hands during communication”, – noted trends expert catering business Olga Nasonova in the news “Today” on TV channel “Ukraine”.

For the rest of the party in this year are willing to pay about a thousand hryvnia per person.

In addition, small companies with limited budgets generally refuse corporate events. Party replace treats at the office or spend funds for gifts to employees.

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