New Year: The gestures to adopt

    New Year: The gestures to adopt

    Covid-19 requires, as on Christmas Eve, caution is required on the night of December 31 in order to avoid an outbreak of contaminations.

    There are two days left before the transition to 2021. Two days before 2020, a year … “special”, ends. The covid-19 epidemic is still here. She does not distinguish between the two years. It continues to wreak havoc, both in Île-de-#France and throughout the national territory.

    In this perspective, the transition to the new year will welcome, as on Christmas Eve, a particular guest who may appear “incompatible” with the spirit of the end of the year holidays: barrier gestures.

    But unlike Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve will be under curfew. From 8 p.m., and until 6 a.m., it will be impossible to circulate in the streets. Therefore, it will be necessary to arrive before 8 p.m. at the host who receives and sleep there, or at least stay there until 6 a.m. We will therefore not see any gatherings, as traditionally on the Champs Élysées at the time of the passage in 2021.

    100,000 police officers mobilized

    The New Year worries more than Christmas, which basically brings together family members. The night of the 31st is, in general, an evening with friends. The authorities fear that barrier gestures and social distancing will not be respected, and that contamination will start to rise again in early 2021.

    “This New Year’s Eve is indeed a traditionally festive moment, we appreciate it moreover for that, but it concentrates all the ingredients for an epidemic rebound”, explained Prime Minister Jean Castex at the beginning of December, thus explaining the establishment of the curfew for this evening.

    An exit certificate will have to be completed for those outside after 8 p.m. “There will be no instructions of indulgence” given to the police for those who will move without certificate, had warned the Minister of the Interior Gerald Darmanin in a press conference on December 10, specifying that “more than 100,000 police and gendarmes will be mobilized on the night of December 31”.

    Peaks, hydro-alcoholic gel, masks

    During the New Year, we find more or less the same “ingredients” as at a Christmas reception. For those who receive as for those who are received, the idea is to organize the festivities as best as possible in order to avoid an outbreak of contaminations. Small gestures are required. For example, when it comes to aperitif time, avoid taking everything with your hands in the same place as the others. Instead, install toothpicks or decorative picks found in supermarkets, or even distribute the doses between guests.

    In the case of a meal, avoid large dishes where everyone uses the same utensil or place setting to help themselves. The same goes for glasses. Preferably use a single glass and, as in many evenings with friends, write your first name on it to remember it and avoid misunderstandings. It is also preferable that the same person always serve the drinks to avoid everyone touching the bottles.

    Regular hand washing with soap or hydro-alcoholic gel is also strongly recommended, as well as airing the rooms for 10 minutes every hour – in order to avoid air confinement – and wearing a mask in the case of insufficient physical distancing compared to that indicated by the health authorities. The authorized number of people will also be limited to six people, as on Christmas Eve. It is recommended to be well organized the evening of the reception, and to avoid any risk, taking into account the possible vulnerabilities of the people present or the volume of the apartment or the house that brings everyone together.

    The traditional hugs during the transition to the New Year are also to be avoided as much as possible.

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