New Year’s Eve 2021 in Paris: New Year’s Eve dinner by candlelight and night at the Rochechouart hotel

    New Year’s Eve 2021 in Paris: New Year’s Eve dinner by candlelight and night at the Rochechouart hotel

    By Rizhlaine F. Posted December 23, 2020 at 12:52 p.m. Updated December 23, 2020 at 12:52 p.m.

    A candlelight dinner followed by a night at the hotel for this New Year’s Eve 2021, anyone? Head to the Rochechouart hotel in Pigalle to discover the dining room, its great concept to send 2020 waltz!
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    <p>For this <strong>new year 2021</strong>, you are looking for an unforgettable evening to leave 2020 far behind. We found you the<strong> best plan in Paris</strong> for a beautiful <strong>evening of December 31</strong> to live in love and<strong> without curfew</strong>. We take you to the<strong>’Hotel Rochechouart</strong> who unveils his dining room to you.

    The principle is simple: dinner in your room and overnight on site. But in this elegant address of Pigalle, we do things according to the rules of the art. For this New year’s eve typically Parisian, your room is transformed into private restaurant the time of your having dinner. A beautiful table is installed at the foot of the bed, with candles and beautiful silverware … and the most beautiful remains to be discovered on the plate. A festive menu awaits you: lobster navarin, demi-deuil poultry, truffled savarin brillat and Demon chocolate mousseau, there is something to feast on.

    If you want to spend this new year 2021 with a few friends while staying in a small group, you can book several rooms and have dinner for up to 6 people in one of them before everyone returns to finish the night in their own, without fear of the curfew. Finally, the next day we calmly take advantage of the sleeping mat and wake up gently taking advantage of the late check-out. A breakfast accompanied by a mimosa cocktail awaits you, to start 2021 in the most delicious way!

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