New York imposes a quarantine to residents of other us States

New York impose une quarantaine aux résidents d’autres États américains

The States of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut are asking the people from the regions of the United States where the pandemic coronavirus speeds up to submit to a quarantine of 14 days, announced on Wednesday that their governors.

The regions concerned are determined on the basis of indicators of public health, has said the governor of the State of New York, Andrew Cuomo, during a press briefing, referring to the nine States.

The States in which the indicators are in the red group are Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Washington, Utah, and Texas.

The list of the States concerned will be updated every week.

The governor of the State of New York has indicated that it was not to prevent such travelers enter, the american States did not have jurisdiction to close their borders.

For all that, if it is a recommendation, Andrew Cuomo has warned that the offenders could be sanctioned in case of infringement.

The authorities may, in particular, to obtain from a judge that it awards a legal obligation of quarantine, he explained, but also to impose fines, of which the amount reaches $ 2,000 for the first offence.

“What makes New York is the opposite of what you see today in the country,” said Andrew Cuomo. “They go up and we go down”, for that is the number of positive cases.

“More people are infected and it will cost more lives”, he warned.

The governor has denounced the argument, expressed by a number of governors-republicans as well as president Donald Trump, as the number of positive cases increased only solely because of the acceleration tests.

“The numbers go up because people get sick”, has he hammered.

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