New Zealand imposes a tax for foreign tourists

It will start to charge in the middle of 2019

Новая Зеландия вводит налог для иностранных туристов

The New Zealand government intends to introduce a new tax, which will be taxed coming into the country by foreign tourists. This was announced by the Minister of tourism Kelvin Davis.

The collection will start to charge in mid-2019, it will be 25 to 35 new Zealand dollars (about 17-24 dollars). It will have to pay the majority of foreigners wishing to visit the country. An exception will be made only for Australians and residents of Pacific island States where the tax does not apply.

The tourist tax is supposed to charge at registration of aliens entry visas, and citizens of countries with which New Zealand has a visa-free regime will pay it upon arrival into the country.

According to the Ministry of tourism, in the first year of levying a new tax to the state Treasury will receive an additional approximately $ 80 million – these funds will be spent roughly equally on the development of the tourism industry and measures of environmental character.

Note that the population of New Zealand closer to the mark of 4.9 million, while in recent years, the country was visited about 3.8 million foreigners. Mainly in New Zealand tourists from Australia every year to 1.5 million people.

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