New Zealand: the killer of the mosques pleaded guilty to all charges

Nouvelle-Zélande: le tueur des mosquées plaide coupable de tous les chefs d’accusation

WELLINGTON | Australian accused of having killed 51 people in march, 2019 in two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, has pleaded unexpectedly guilty Thursday to all the charges made against him.

“Yes, guilty “, said Brenton Tarrant from the prison in Auckland, via a video connection with the High court of Christchurch.

Wearing a high gray, the 29-year old man fixed the glance at the camera, making this statement.

He had, until now, always denied the 51 charges of murder, 40 charges of attempted murder and another charge of committing a terrorist act. Without any explanation, at this point, he has changed position at the end of a hearing organised in haste, and kept secret to the general public for fear that he may give up at the last moment.

This means that it will not be considered during a trial. The hers – for which the authorities feared that he did not take the opportunity to convey his ideas racist – was scheduled to open on 2 June in Christchurch, the largest city in the South island. It was supposed to last six weeks.

For the first minister Jacinda Arden, who had decided never to speak the name of the killer, this admission of guilt is going to offer a sort of closure to the many people whose lives have been bruised by the attack.

“This plea and this sentence attribute responsibility for what happened and also save to the families who have lost loved ones, those who have been injured and other witnesses, the ordeal of a trial,” she noted.

The relief was palpable in the small muslim community of new zealand to the announcement of this plea, to the idea of not having to relive it during a trial the details of that Friday in march 2019.

“A good start “

“I have prayed for him, and he went in the right direction “, commented on TVNZ Farid Ahmed, whose wife Husna has been killed. “I am delighted that he feels guilty. This is a good start “.

Justice Cameron Mander said that the accused would know his award later, on an unspecified date.

“The plea represents a very important step towards the finalization of the criminal proceedings,” noted the judge, stating that the hearing for pronouncement of the sentence would only apply when the pandemic of the novel coronavirus will be completed in order to ” enable the victims and their families to come to court in person “.

The country fight against the pandemic of the Covid-19 that, in the world, has contaminated nearly 450 000 people and killed almost 21,000 since December, and that has caused particular the confinement of one third of the inhabitants of the planet.

The plea occurred on the first day of a confinement of at least four weeks of New Zealand, which had 205 cases according to the last balance sheet published on Wednesday morning on the website of the ministry of Health.

This epidemic led to the cancellation of the national tribute to the victims of the attack on march 15, 2019, which was to take place a year to the day after.

Brenton Tarrant, white supremacist self-proclaimed, is accused of having perpetrated this day the largest mass murder of mass of the modern history of New Zealand.

Equipped with an arsenal of semi-automatic weapons, he opened fire successively in two mosques during Friday prayers, killing 51 people, all muslim, including women and children. He has filmed and broadcast live on Facebook images of the carnage.

In the aftermath, the government has significantly tightened the laws on firearms, banning semi-automatic weapons of the military type (MSSA) such as those used by the author of the massacre. A few months later, he went further to ensure that only those “suitable” to possess a firearm.

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