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Australian actress Samara weaving It is a director’s dream. She can be the girl next door on the small screen, à la on At home and away, or kickass’s newlywed on the big screen, as in the thriller Ready or Not. But one role he has yet to play is that of an action hero – until now.

The 29-year-old stars in the new blockbuster Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins, opposite Crazy Rich Asians star Henry Golding in the title role. Weaving plays counterintelligence officer Scarlett, and the role opened up a whole new world for the Adelaide-born star.

“He hadn’t really done this before, but the opportunity presented itself and I couldn’t say no to him,” Weaving tells 9Honey Celebrity ahead of the film’s July 22 premiere. “Of course, I wanted to play an action hero. I thought it was really cool.”

Samara Weaving plays Scarlett in Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins. (Paramount images)

The film is the third of the G.I. Joe film series – predecessors GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra released in 2009 and GI Joe: Retaliation in 2013. In this offering, Golding is Snake Eyes, a loner who is welcomed into an ancient Japanese clan called Arashikage after saving their leader’s life. He is trained as a ninja warrior and the Arashikage welcomes him home before the secrets of his past emerge.

“Even though it’s a really action-packed movie, it definitely has a true story of self-discovery that I think everyone can relate to,” says Weaving.

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Samara Weaving plays Scarlett and Henry Golding plays Snake Eyes in Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins. (Paramount images)

Her Scarlett character was the first female member featured in the original GI Joe: A Real American Hero toy line in the ’80s, a feat not lost on the Australian favorite.

“I was super excited, followed closely by being very, very nervous playing someone who already has so many followers behind them. I really wanted to do Scarlett justice,” she said when asked about playing an iconic action figure.

“I love that she went to law school and the military, she has such an impressive resume. She is a leader, a teacher and is motherly but strong. She is everything.”

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Haruka Abe stars as Akiko (left), Samara Weaving, and Henry Golding in Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins. (Paramount images)

Immersed in Scarlett’s psyche, Weaving underwent military training for two weeks prior to filming in Japan in late 2019. And while his was not as grueling as Golding’s fighting training and swordplay, it still took its toll.

“It’s probably not as intense as Henry, but I definitely got a personal trainer beforehand to help me out,” he reveals. “And when I landed in Japan, we had about two weeks of pretty intense training and we learned all the fighting sequences. I had amazing stunts, there are really amazing women who can kick a lot of butt.”

Speaking of which, Weaving can certainly hold his own in a fight scene. One of the last times he got physics for a role was in the thriller. Ready or Not. In the 2019 film, she played the newlywed Grace, whose wedding night takes a sinister turn when her strange new in-laws force her to play a terrifying game of life and death.

So intense were the scenes, accidentally weaving beat up his co-star, Andie McDowell, in the face.

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Samara Weaving says she was excited to play an action hero for the first time in her career. (Getty)

With Snake EyesThe scenes are equally heated, one has to wonder if some fight sequences got off track as well. Fortunately, according to Weaving, nothing untoward happened.

“Luckily no. Not that I remember,” he laughs. “But no one was hurt by Sam’s hands, thankfully.”

Snake Eyes: GI Joe Origins is out in theaters now.

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