News from the swamp: Roger Stone at the heart of a controversy

Des nouvelles du marécage: Roger Stone au coeur d'une controverse

During his campaign of 2016, and since the beginning of his presidency, Donald Trump promises to clean up the swamp of politics in Washington. Up to now, this swamp seems to be concentrated around his person.

If several members of his entourage are already behind bars, two of them are still waiting for their award : Michael Flynn, and Roger Stone. We’ll have to wait even a moment before being set on Flynn, but the sentence of Stone will be announced on 20 February. Yesterday, we learned that federal prosecutors have recommended a sentence of 7 to 9 years.

As soon as the disclosure of the recommendation of prosecutors, we had two reactions amazing and almost simultaneous. In a first time, the president, Trump has gazouillé disagreement of virulent way. Considering that justice has not been rendered, he even considers that the requests of the public prosecutors constitute an insult to the nation. Nothing less…

Shortly after, the department of Justice went against the prosecutors, announcing immediately his intention to require a punishment less severe. If you believe that there is any appearance of political interference, you’re not alone.

If we expected the outrage from the democrats, the surprise came from the prosecutors whom the Justice department has ignored the recommendations. All four have announced that they withdrew from the folder!

There is no indication that the president has specifically asked the attorney general William Barr to intervene in the case of his friend, Stone, but, here as in other cases, the timing of the tweets of the presidential and the announcement of the department of Justice can only feed the doubt and suspicion. An american president has nothing to do with not usually this kind of file. William Barr has worked for the Americans and not to the president.

Not only Stone could inherit a sentence reduced, but we are already running the rumor of a possible pardon presidential. This would not be normal and, frankly, disturbing.

When you think of the swamp of Washington, it is known that while in the depths of his muddy waters found just Roger Stone. Will we now allow him to get away with it?

The behaviour is intriguing from the department of Justice and William Barr is not limited only to the folder Stone. The attorney general would also intervened in the folder of Michael Flynn there is little time. Rather than ending up in prison, Flynn would be on probation for six months.

I acknowledge that I have sketched out a smile when republican senators embarrassed by their vote, to pay Donald Trump claimed to be convinced that the president had had his lesson and that he would be more respectful of rules and conventions.

Like several other analysts, I was rather confident that the president would be tempted to push the limits of his power. Inflated by the solidarity of the members of his party, Donald has chosen to remove from his path all those who had dared to testify against him, and one feels that he exercises a great influence on the decisions of the department of Justice.

If you read me regularly, you already know my interest in american institutions. Once again, I’m curious to see where you will stop undermining the integrity and the moral authority of the department of Justice.

The resignation of the four prosecutors in the trial of Roger Stone is the most powerful message we could send to William Barr. For some observers it is already too late, the integrity of the department of Justice is already connected to the artificial respirator…

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