Newsweek: Iran advised to “enemies” not to experience the country

Iran held large-scale exercises of air defense in case of a possible invasion of the country’s airspace, writes Newsweek. While the commander of the air defense forces of the Iranian army Alireza Sabahfan advised “the enemies” not to test Tehran.

Newsweek: в Иране посоветовали «врагам» не испытывать страну

ReutersИран conducted a large-scale exercise for air defense, in which Tehran has practiced actions with potential air invasion, writes Newsweek. Maneuvers were conducted against the backdrop of unrest in Iran and its allied countries: Iraq and Lebanon. In addition, near the Iranian border held a U.S. Navy ship. The force commander of air defense Iran army Brigadier General Alireza Sabahfan said that the exercises “in the harshest and most realistic combat conditions” in case of conflict in the Persian Gulf, especially the Strait of Hormuz. “I advise the enemies not to test us, because these actions, as well as the penetration of the airspace of the Islamic Republic of Iran, as it has been in the past, will not bring them any progress, except humiliation,” said Sabahfan. He also noted that in such a case, Iranian forces used the “latest” system “world-class”. “If the enemy intends to invade, attack, or simply to violate air borders of our country, which is one of our red lines, we are able to deal with it,” warned Brigadier General. Between the US and Iran have a long history of difficult interactions in the Persian Gulf. So, the most deadly incident occurred in 1988 when the cruiser “Vincennes” shot down an Iranian passenger plane. Then all 290 people aboard were killed.

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