Newt Gingrich: the Chinese-Russian military Alliance will be unimaginable problem for the United States

Ньют Гингрич: китайско-российский военный союз станет невообразимой проблемой для США

China in a relatively short time significantly modernized and raised the economy, strengthened the armed forces and expanded their influence around the world. He was able to turn from backward countries who were under the rule of Mao Zedong, in real world power.

These achievements of China, by themselves, constitute in many respects a serious problem for the United States. However, if China would establish a partnership or cooperation with another major country like Russia, the Union could seriously threaten not only U.S. security, but global security.Here’s an example of what was going on: imagine that China will decide tomorrow to invade Taiwan. This would put US in an incredibly difficult position. China insists that Taiwan is part of its territory, a position formally recognized by the United States. However, while America acknowledges the Chinese position, we continue to maintain close unofficial relations with Taiwan. In accordance with the Law about relations with Taiwan in 1979 the United States undertook to assist in the defence of the island.Looking for made in for many years, public statements, rhetoric and support, we can assume that the United States will speak in defense of Taiwan — for the benefit of regional peace and respect for international law. Of course, it would be a difficult exchange.China has achieved not only great success in the military sphere and armaments, but largely occupied and militarisierung the South China sea, declaring it their territory. Thus, any military intervention to protect Taiwan will require attacks on China.This would create conditions for the outbreak of a serious military conflict between the two superpowers, in which the United States can win — but at the cost of huge losses.Now imagine that China launches campaign against Taiwan with the Russian air force.This would reverse the dynamics, making the participation in the conflict more difficult and costly (in human and material losses) with much less probability of any sort of victory for the United States. Now, instead of purposeful conflict with China over the disputed territories of the United States will have to decide whether to take the risk of waging war simultaneously with China and Russia acting in concert.For many years China and Russia were the two separated, but related, Communist countries, and now the situation is changing. In recent years, both powers participated in several military exercises — for example, this summer had made their first joint air patrols in the far area of the Asia-Pacific region.General Secretary of the Communist party of China XI Jinping met with Russian President Vladimir Putin 24 times in 2013, while during this period there were only 16 meetings with his American counterpart.Such steps create the real potential for Russian-Chinese strategic Alliance, which will negate a big part of our plans and strategies of national security.I had the opportunity to meet and speak with some of the leading experts on Russia and China regarding the development of relations between the two countries. It was instructive, but also very sobering conversation.The time has come to think deeply about the challenges that will put the Sino-Russian partnership over the USA and the world.This is a problem that will not resolve itself if ignored. Things could be much worse.

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