Neyrobika: useful and efficient charging for the brain

You have a bad memory and the mental tasks are given harder? Try neuroma.

Нейробіка: корисна й ефективна зарядка для мозку

To keep the muscles in shape, we exercise, do different types of sports. But many people forget that not only the body but also our brain requires a load, informs Rus.Media.

In the age of computer technology and the free access to any information, the brain is overloaded with information, and it would seem that he needs to rest. But repetitive tasks and quick response to any question is to make the brain lnuk.

How to arrange a workout for the brain, devoting 5 minutes.

Why the brain requires “exercise”

The brain is a complex organ. He is the chief conductor of everything that happens in our body. Billions of neurons create a connection when the brain is actively working. Accordingly, the more of these connections, that we are smarter, more knowledgeable and creative. Conversely, if some connections are rarely used, they just “disappear”, making us in some sense stupid.

American neuroscientist L. Kants came to the conclusion that at constant performing repetitive tasks human mental abilities are reduced, as well as deteriorating memory and attention.

Нейробіка: корисна й ефективна зарядка для мозку

Modern life is like “Groundhog day”. We get up in the morning from the alarm, have Breakfast and go the usual route to work, and in the evening watching TV or mindlessly flipping news in social networks. So the autopilot doesn’t let the brain engage in work. Our “conductor” simply receives and processes the information using the same old, already established neural connections.

However, scientists have proved that the brain, like our muscles, can Wake up from hibernation and start creating new neural connections at a certain load. For this he needs extraordinary difficult tasks, new experiences and vivid emotions.

Master narabu

Neyrobika are special exercises to develop memory, attention and thinking. Their main goal is to get to work different parts of the brain, so the main principles are the novelty and the abandonment of the templates in the solution of any task. Think of unusual solutions will allow the brain to start working in a new direction, and this will need to grow new connections.

For Nairobi do not need to allocate separate time and place – enough to change their habits and devote 5-10 minutes a day the simple exercises. Here are a few ideas for intelligent training.

  1. Try to use different senses in an unusual situation. For example, when watching movies, we rely on vision and hearing. Turn off the sound and try to understand the conversation of the actors on the screen only on the lips.
  2. Change your usual route from home to work. If you ride a transport, get off at stop early and take a walk.
  3. Travel. New places is a great way to give the brain new experiences. Do not have to go to other countries – just explore your hometown. Usually we know only the area of residence but there are still many interesting places.
  4. Learn new smells. It may be scents of spice, a new fragrance, flowering plants and aromatic oils.
  5. Develop tactile sensations. Close your eyes and ask someone to write on your hand. Can you guess the words with your eyes closed?
  6. Return legs in those actions, when we usually use our hands. Try to raise the pen using only the toes.

Нейробіка: корисна й ефективна зарядка для мозку

Neyrobika advanced level

Want something harder? Then try to perform the following tasks.

  1. Take 2 marker or pen in different hands. At the same time start to draw geometric shapes, but different. With one hand, draw the triangle and the other circle or square. Make sure the pieces were equal. To complete the picture it should at the same time. Did? Then complicate. Set the timer for 1 minute. What kind of hand draw shapes and more – right or left?
  2. Place one hand on his head and the other on your stomach. Gently smack yourself on the head and on the abdomen carry out circular movements. First hands want to synchronously execute one or the other, but don’t give up. And then change the task: the head draw circles and stomach easily clap.

Do these exercises regularly and your brain will work better and more productive. So you keep a clear mind and high mental performance up to a ripe old age!