NFL: Josh Allen's Redemption

NFL: Josh Allen's Redemption

Before he even threw a single pass in the NFL, Josh Allen was dragged through the mud by analysts, fans and even players. Since the start of the season and even more especially in yesterday's duel against the Rams, the Bills quarterback has made his many detractors blush with shame.

It took a 35-32 victory, acquired in the last seconds of the clash, to really legitimize the Bills, and especially their third-year pivot. Allen, with 311 aerial yards, in addition to four touchdown passes and another rushing touchdown, was once again the locomotive that carries the team.

In their first two games, the Bills had looked very good against the Jets and the Dolphins, who aren't exactly great powers. Allen played admirably well, but the suspicious side of the defeated opponents left many people with doubt.

The lack of consideration for Allen is nothing new. Even before the 2018 draft, many had fun portraying it as a disaster in the making. While some praised his athleticism and cannon arm, others shouted louder to decry his lack of precision and finish in several aspects of his game.

When the Bills selected him seventh overall, bashing almost became a national sport. Everyone seemed to be positioning themselves to say loud and clear a well-felt “I told you” when Allen was inevitably going to do potato.

Laugh well …

But there you go, after a modest rookie season and significant progress in 2019, Allen is currently on fire. He already has 10 touchdown passes and just one interception.

I said it in these pages and I will say it again: it will probably never be perfect.

His disheveled style sometimes gives you a cold sweat and he continues (more and more rarely), to make bad decisions and to take an extra bag or an unnecessary blow.

Except that at the end of the day Allen is a fighter who continues to improve. For example, he has already completed eight passes of at least 20 yards in the air this season. Last year, he only managed 14 throughout the season.

Not too bad an evolution for a quarterback that Rams star cornerback Jalen Ramsey called a “drain” in 2018. Revenge is sweet today …

Aborted ascent

Against the Rams, Allen shone late in the game, on an 11-play, 75-yard streak after which he joined Tyler Kroft for the winning touchdown.

On the previous game, the Bills' hopes seemed futile when his pass was incomplete, but officials issued a rather questionable interference penalty to the Rams.

It should be remembered that this season, it is the defense that should theoretically carry the hopes of the team. However, she concedes an average of 25.7 points per game. The ground attack was to be the focal point of the attack. It is however in the last third of the circuit.

Their record of three wins and no losses, it is to Josh Allen that the Bills owe it. It is time to recognize it.


Russell wilson

The magician of the Seahawks does not flinch. He became the first quarterback in NFL history to throw at least four touchdown passes in each of his team's first three games. He already has 14 touchdown passes!

Recruit receivers

Brandon Aiyuk (49ers) led the way with five receptions for 70 yards in addition to 31 rushing yards and a touchdown. In the Vikings, Justin Jefferson exploded with seven receptions for 175 yards. Tee Higgins (Bengals) scored two touchdowns. Big day for the recruits!

The Browns

Why highlight a trivial Browns victory over Washington? Because they're 2-1, which means they're playing for over .500 for the first time in 90 games! They haven't presented a winning case since week 15, 2014.

Aaron Donald

Sometimes it is necessary to emphasize the monster performances in the defeat. Donald simply took control of the fourth quarter with several key plays against the Bills. If the Rams held on, it was thanks to him.

Tom brady

The veteran quarterback had his best game in the Buccaneers uniform with 297 yards and three touchdowns. For the first time this season, the chemistry with Rob Gronkowski has operated.


The Falcons

No team had to date wasted two 15-point advances in the fourth quarter in a full season. The Falcons have just done it twice in two weeks. Shameful!

The Vikings

Speaking of a shameful team, the Vikings escaped a 24-12 lead over the Titans and squandered a superb floor performance from Dalvin Cook. This club got so bad, so fast …

Mitchell trubisky

It was written in the sky that one day or another, the Bears quarterback would end up on the bench. But being on the bench against the despicable Falcons defense is embarrassing.

Trysten hill

The Cowboys tackle made a deplorable gesture by twisting the leg of running back Chris Carson when he was already on the ground. The NFL often crackdown on much less reprehensible actions.

Daniel Jones

Two more turnovers for the Giants quarterback, which makes him a trademark. This is the third time in three games this season. This was the case six times in 13 games last year.

5 games of the week

1. Saint-Nick is back!

Ladies and gentlemen, here's Nick Foles again! The Eagles' Super Bowl hero two years ago, exiled to Jacksonville last year, is trying to begin his resurrection with the Bears. Called to throw in relief to Mitchell Trubisky in the third quarter, Foles orchestrated one of his typical comebacks with three touchdown passes, including the final nail to Anthony Miller on 28 yards. Foles is not perfect, but he is already canonized!

2. Neal says no

Who ended the debate between the Seahawks and the Cowboys over the last game of the game? If you don't know Ryan Neal, don't blame yourself. The cornerback intercepted Dak Prescott's last pass in the end zone, protecting his team's 38-31 lead. Neal had just been brought back to the regular roster after a stint on the reserve team.

3. Burkhead goes dark

The Patriots have a knack for bringing new heroes to every game. This time it was running back Rex Burkhead who inherited the badge of honor with three touchdowns, two from the ground and one from the air. In the third quarter, on a five-yard run, his glide really paid off. The Patriots were hanging on to a slim 13-10 lead when he flew over the goal line.

4. Defensive pay

The Colts slaughtered the Jets 36-7, but yet they only claim two touchdowns. That's because the defense got the job done by recording two touchdowns on interception returns, plus a safety touchdown. Cornerback Xavier Rhodes was one of the keys to victory with two of his three interceptions, one of which resulted in a touchdown.

5. Very close to the goal

The Chargers, who trailed the entire game against the Panthers, came close to giving them a last-minute comeback. Delayed 21-16 with the ball and only 1:46 to play, rookie quarterback Justin Herbert got into gear. With 5 seconds remaining, he joined Keenan Allen at the Panthers' 14th line. The latter tried to pass the ball to Austin Ekeler on a side pass, but the game was aborted. End of shows!

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