NFL: no match trial?

NFL: aucun match préparatoire?

The NFL has offered its players Association that it does not match the pre-2020.

It is alleged the network NFL Network on Monday.

The clashes preparatory had already been reduced from four to two. The players had openly expressed concerns about the playing of the unnecessary parts in full pandemic of sars coronavirus.

Monday, we learned also that the circuit Goodell had the intention of testing its athletes every day during the first two weeks of training camps.

The chief physician of the NFL, Dr. Allen Sills, indicated that this measure be re-evaluated if the results are encouraging. Players would be tested every two days, if the rate of positive case does not exceed 5%.

The coaches and staff members who are regularly involved with the footballers will be subject to the same measures.

In addition, players may not enter the facilities of their team if they don’t get many negative results.

The NFL and the players Association are currently negotiating on several items in connection with the COVID-19. It is particularly the question of the terms on the injured list for the players infected.

It would seem, however, that the two sides are close to agreement, depending on the network ESPN.

Training camps should be starting next week.

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