NFL: referees will have the assistance of video replay

NFL: les arbitres auront l'aide des reprises vidéo

Too often, the referees of the NFL are at the centre of attention for the wrong reasons. The league has taken a step to eliminate any possible errors of judgement that arise in the field and which influence the outcome of the matches, when its owners meeting yesterday.

The meeting, which was held in a virtual environment, aimed to evaluate some proposals of changes in regulations. Among the more important changes, which will bring the official assigned to the times to communicate with the umpires on the field wants to be the most important.

This change is not permanent, for the moment, since it will be first studied in the matches preparatory, in August, if the schedule of activities will start to be implemented as planned. In the case where the change would prove to be a success, it could be implemented in the regular season in the fall.

The official times, which benefit from the technological equipment at the cutting edge on the press gallery, will have the opportunity to communicate with the referees on the field after a game when a clear breach has not been called or an error of judgment has been committed.

The umpires on the field may ask to speak to the officials at times during lectures, or until he remains for 25 seconds before putting the ball in play.

This will prevent mistakes arbitration.

Among the other changes adopted, the video replay will now be automatic for all affected and for all the situations of turnovers.

Still boots short

Moreover, there seemed to be a certain momentum in order to put an end to the booted courts, which often occur late in the game when a team needs a last attempt to score points with little time at the table.

A low success rate of just 10.7% seemed to indicate that this game has become obsolete, and the fans were clamoring for a way more exciting for the teams deficit to keep the ball.

However, the proposal on the table, which would allow a team to attempt to convert a fourth attempt and 15 yards to his own line of 25 to keep control of the ball, has not been finally approved. The owners are divided, with 16 votes for and 16 against. It would have needed at least 24 votes to move forward.

This is the first time, however, that this proposal is connected to as many owners, and it may be that a postponement to the next year.


As to know when the league will resume, the commissioner Roger Goodell has hinted that the off-season “virtual” is likely to continue until towards the end of June, but that the coaches could potentially reconnect with the facilities teams as early as next week.

“In partnership with the players Association, we continue to prepare for the return and make adjustments when needed,” he said.

Usually, players come to mini-camps in June, and the training camps begin at the end of July, but nothing confirmed yet.

“Find a way for players to be able to return to work safely is our highest priority,” assured Goodell.

The NFL has approved a contract extension with the video game company EA Sports to continue production of the popular games Madden until 2026. An agreement that will add $ 1 billion into the coffers of the league and $ 600 million in the pockets of the players.

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