NHL : a resumption of activities in New Hampshire?

LNH : une reprise des activités au New Hampshire?

The national hockey League (NHL) would consider resuming its season 2019-2020 in Manchester, in the State of New Hampshire.

This is what the governor of that State, Chris Sununu, has confirmed to the radio station of Boston WEEI and 93.7.

“This scenario is on the table,” said Mr. Sununu.

“This would be a very interesting opportunity for New Hampshire, he also said. But the sites must say yes, it is necessary to know what the options are and how this will be managed.”

Currently, the NHL is investigating a multitude of options to resume its activities, which have been put on pause on 12 march due to the pandemic of sars coronavirus. The State of North Dakota has also been advanced as a possible location. In this type of scenario, the circuit Bettman would come all of its teams at a single location. The matches would be played in arenas where the spectators would not be admitted.

About Manchester, the city is the home of the Monarchs, the club-school of the Los Angeles Kings in the american League.

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