NHL: all teams have a chance, according to Barry Trotz

LNH: toutes les équipes ont une chance, selon Barry Trotz

The head coach of the New York Islanders, Barry Trotz, believes that the 24 teams still in contention for the Stanley cup have a chance of logic being sacred champions, if the national hockey League (NHL) resumes its activities.

Trotz, who lifted the trophy with the Washington Capitals in 2018, held to his words on the radio network, MSG Network, recently.

“It’s going to be fantastic for the sport because you can be in 12th place and have a chance to win the Stanley cup, he argued. This shows how it is tight in the league. There is parity, and if you manage to press the right button, you can be champions of the Stanley cup in two months.”

To achieve this goal, the Islanders will have to first compete in a qualification round against the Florida Panthers in a 3-series of 5. What to say to the driver that there is no reason to decrease the value of the championship this year.

“If we have to pass the [round qualifying], we will have to win 19 games [to win the Stanley cup]. If you reach the first turn, you still have to win 16, which is legitimate for the Stanley cup.”

“I think the tournament of the Stanley cup will be fantastic. It’s going to be unpredictable simply because we are on leave for a long time.”

The NHL has had to stop its activities temporarily on 12 march due to the pandemic of COVID-19. It begins, however, the second phase of its plan to return to the game on Monday, allowing teams to reopen their complex training, so that their skaters can take part in training the individual on the ice and outside.

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