NHL : integrity

A recent coup probe, led by Pierre Lebrun, of the site the Athletic, confirms the interest of the fans in relation to a return to hockey, even during the months with the most important of the summer.

A rate of 59 % of respondents are in favour of the presentation of the Stanley Cup series, while 41 % oppose it.

More than 62,000 responses.

This is not trivial.

We love the sport, hockey fans are eager to see the return to activities, even if many argue that the atmosphere of the playoffs would make the show rather dull. Because he must realize that the matches would be played in amphitheaters declared ” prohibited areas “.

The series go beyond the competition. One embarks in a long and exhausting tournament, with high hopes. It is the excitement they cause. It is the overheated atmosphere that you find in arenas.

And it is for this reason that we must always ask the question : should you present a great championship without the presence of fans in the stands ?

Ask the question is to answer it.

The tv

Except that the owners of professional teams want to take advantage of the money of the holders of the television rights to mitigate their losses.

However, I find it hard to imagine me of the playoffs… without spectators. Sorry. And even less of the series played in a heat wave, or a beautiful summer evening in July or August. It sounds wrong. And if Bill Daly insists on the integrity of the sport, how can he explain the fact that a season will end in September and the next one will start in early November.

Where is the integrity ?

For the moment, what do you mean ?

  • Take the next season with a month and a half of the interval between the last game of the Stanley Cup final and the start of training camps.
  • The start of the season in November and the end of the playoffs in June.

Do you believe that the hockey is preparing to participate in the olympic Games… summer ?

save time

Therefore, the players ‘ Association wants to save time. She wants to know if the regular season will be completed and what will be the formula of the playoffs.

She wants to know the plans of the owners.

So far, the two groups have discussed several scenarios.

  • Make the playoffs in front of the lecture hall empty ; really, we were away from the tradition that espouses constantly Gary Bettman.
  • Take the next season with a month and a half of the interval between the last game of the Stanley Cup and the start of training camps.

Should we not realize that this pandemic is far from over ? Should we not take time to better plan for the protocol return-to-work, I imagine for the end of September with the start of the season 2020-2021, rather than looking for solutions to complete a season that has been paused, it is now almost two months, and that may still be in pause for two months ?

Integrity, repeat often the decision-makers.

Hum !

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