NHL: it will take a period of fitness “adequate,” says Gauthier

LNH: il faudra une période de remise en forme «adéquate», affirme Gauthier

The idea of a return to the game involving of the playoffs to 24 teams is more noise in the world of professional hockey.

Pass to Dave Morissette en direct, Thursday, the striker of the Rangers, Julien Gauthier commented on the case.

“It is sure that I would like to play again. But it would take a period of time adequate to allow the players to get back into shape. It is necessary to ensure that players do not injure themselves from the start! But if it is done well, yes, a return to the game would be very pleasant!”

“Currently, however, there was not a lot of details on the subject. It is sure pertaining to customs and all of that, there is indeed an issue. We would like to be better informed on the subject.”

Currently, the Quebecers admit to find the long time away from the rink.

“I’m in Montreal and I try to have access to a rink for a long time, but nothing works. Also, if someone has an ice-free, it will make me sign!”

A problem with the Québécois in north Carolina?

In the last year, the Hurricanes of the Caroline exchanged Nicolas Roy, a Quebec that they had drafted in the second round, the Golden Knights Vegas.

They did the same with Julien Gauthier, that they have sent to the Rangers.

It was not necessary any more to ignite Michel Bergeron. The colorful panelist was quick to ask Smith if there was a problem with the Québécois in north Carolina.

“I don’t know of any! I don’t think so, in fact. I just know that Nicolas and I had had good seasons in the american League and that several teams were interested in our services. We never really had our chance in Carolina. I understand that hockey is a business, but Nicolas and I really wanted to do what was best for our careers.”

A team-mate special

In New York, Gauthier has the chance to meet a player of the caliber of Artemi Panarin. And he is not complaining… quite the contrary!

“It’s very special. It is one of the best game makers of the NHL, if not the best. It slows down so much the game. The puck is still glued to him. It always does what it takes to stand out and allows all his teammates to get good scoring chances.”

“Without this type of player, the numerical advantage could not be well. It is fun to see it go.”

“An attacker of power”

Julien Gauthier is 22 years of age.

Questioned to know what type of player he wanted to become in the NHL, the Quebec went from an interesting analogy.

“I wish to become an attacker of power. A kind of Chris Kreider or Rick Nash. I want to excel when the time comes to cut the net. I also want to use my speed. However, I really want to be a player full, because in the NHL, if you’re not, you find yourself with an ice time limited.”

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