NHL: Seattle slowed by the COVID-19

Even if the team of the city of Seattle has not yet played game in the national hockey League, it does not prevent it to be also affected by the pandemic of the COVID-19, and the suspension of the activities of the league.

Ron Francis, the general manager of the franchise that will debut in the circuit Bettman in 2021, there went an update on the various folders that he has on his desk. It starts with the name and colors of the organization, which should be unveiled in the month of February or march of this year.

“We know that many people are very excited about the name. We hear you, ” said the former player in 57 years to the site NHL.com Friday. We are excited, too. We also know that many people in our community face big challenges. We want to be respectful and sensitive and choosing the right moment to share our name with everyone.”

The city of Seattle has also made it known that she was open to accommodate the draft of 2021. Francis must also think of the amphitheatre of the training, the KeyArena, which was of some renovations prior to the announcement of the pandemic.

Players tired

The DG of the 32nd NHL team is also well aware that the coronavirus may have an effect on the expansion draft that will take place in June 2021.

“If the action starts in August or September, the league will take a break in October and will kick off the season [2020-2021] in November, said Francis. This campaign will be compressed and we will meet with players tired in the expansion draft because they have played a lot of hockey in a short time.”

As the Golden Knights Vegas three years ago, team Seattle will be able to select players who have played at least 40 games in the previous season, or 70 in the last two campaigns. Of course, the franchises present will have the opportunity to protect a number of players from their roster.

Francis is of the opinion that hiring a coach will be one of its priorities in the medium term.

“I think it will be easy to find someone with experience in the NHL. By bringing together and mixing of players who do not know, we will need a coach with experience building a team as quickly as possible. In the game today, you need a communicator, someone that connects with the athletes and who can communicate with them,” he said.

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