NHL : seven quebec players who have not delivered the goods

LNH : sept joueurs québécois qui n’ont pas livré la marchandise

For many young hopefuls, the draft of the national hockey League (NHL) represents the culmination of a childhood dream. When they hear their name on the scene, they can say mission accomplished.

But a selection, even in the first round, is not enough to pass the rinks of the national hockey League the Quebec major junior (QMJHL) to the NHL. A good dose of hard work, preparation and commitment is then required to make the leap to the best league in the world.

So here are a few examples of young hockey players from quebec who, despite having been picked in the first round, are never able to make their place in the NHL.

– Marc-Antoine Pouliot, the 22nd choice in 2003, Edmonton Oilers

The player has attracted the attention during the 2002-2003 season – the year of chance – with a campaign of 32 goals and 73 points with the Océanic de Rimouski. Two years later, with the same team, he chalked up 45 goals and had 114 points. Then, in the following season, he won his first games with the Oilers.

But the development of Pouliot has quickly stagnated. Dominant in the american League (AHL), he has never been able to carry his game into the NHL. It has finally been limited to 192 games and 57 points in the circuit Bettman.

– Alexandre Picard, 8th choice in 2004, the Blue Jackets of Columbus

Two Alexandre Picard, both born in 1985, played in the NHL. One is defender and has evolved with the Montreal canadiens. The other is a left-winger and although he was the eighth selection in total in 2004, he has collected two assists in 67 games with the Blue Jackets.

It was a difficult period in terms of recruitment for the Blue Jackets. This year, the 12 players selected by the team have played a total of 374 meetings combined in the NHL. The previous year, they chose Nikolai Zherdev with the fourth level, and in 2005, Gilbert Brule was selected sixth by the team of the Ohio.

– Alex Bourret, 16th choice in 2005, Thrashers of Atlanta

Having shown flashes of genius offensive in the QMJHL, Bourret has never played a single game in the NHL. After a first campaign promise in the AHL with 16 goals and 50 points, his production offensive has been lower subsequently.

Bourret was then played six seasons in the League, north american hockey (LNAH) between 2012 and 2018.

– Angelo Esposito, the 20th choice in 2007, Pittsburgh Penguins

In his first season in the QMJHL at 16 years of age, Esposito has marked the spirits with a season of 98 points with the Quebec Remparts. At this time, some already saw as the first choice of the auction of 2007.

But rather than improving, Esposito has rather slowed down a bit more in the course of his three subsequent seasons in the junior circuit in quebec. And then, when he began his professional career, injury struck him during each of his campaigns in the AHL.

It has finally put an end to his career in 2019 after suffering a severe concussion in the Czech Republic.

Louis Leblanc, the 18th choice in 2009, the Montreal Canadian

Some would argue that the Canadian had no choice. On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the team, the draft was held at the Centre Bell and Louis Leblanc was available when the Habs got on stage. Unfortunately for Leblanc, the cheers of the crowd who would chant his first name that day may have been his best moments with the team.

Limited to 50 games – five goals and 10 points with the team, he tried his luck in three european leagues different in 2015-2016 before retiring.

– Philippe Paradis, 27th choice in 2009, the Hurricanes of the Caroline

Paradise has never been able to harvest more than 16 points in a season in the AHL after being drafted. He has never fought your way up to the NHL.

After a break of one season in 2016-2017, a Paradise is turned to the LNAH and Slovenia to prolong his career. He is currently with the Marquis de Jonquière.

– Emile Poirier, the 22nd choice in 2013, Calgary Flames

Poirier was one of the headliners of Olympic of Gatineau between 2011 and 2014, and it has been pretty awesome for the Flames pick in the draft in 2013. His debut in the AHL also went well with the Flames in Adirondack.

But a problem of consumption was, however, disabled, so that the Flames have not renewed his contract in 2018. He currently holds a contract in the AHL with the Manitoba Moose and has been limited to six games in the NHL.

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