NHL : still no date to cancel the season

LNH : toujours pas de date pour annuler la saison

The national hockey League (NHL) not yet specified an exact date when it will be too late in the year to end the season 2019-2020, put on pause due to the pandemic of sars coronavirus. Discussions have been initiated in this direction, but the fateful moment has not yet been chosen.

“I can’t tell you what date it is, obviously. Because the olympic Games have been postponed – at least until 2021 – an opportunity for us to play later this summer,” said the assistant commissioner of the NHL Bill Daly, the network Sportsnet, Friday.

“Of course, we need to agree with the players Association because you would like a full season in 2021.”

The league leaders have repeated many times that they don’t want the end of this campaign to have an impact on the start of the season 2020-2021. For Daly, there are still several mysteries to unravel before making a decision.

“How long the series should take? When are we the Stanley cup? What will be the scenario for the series? What will the air the training camp? Is this opening the complex drive? We started to think about it”, he mentioned.

Soon a month will have passed since the circuit Bettman has pressed the pause button, on the 12th of march. There remained 189 regular season games left to play and the schedule qualifying period would normally have begun this week.

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