NHL: teams more young people an advantage in the recovery?

LNH: les équipes plus jeunes avantagées à la reprise?

In the opinion of Jason Spezza, the teams focus on the youth and the talent will have the task easier when the time comes to resume activities in the national hockey League (NHL).

This is what the attacker of the Toronto Maple Leafs has advanced, Tuesday, during a conference call.

“It definitely helps to have a team with young players who can rebound. This is a good start for success. It will be interesting to see how everything will play out. I believe that the players will need time to regain their bearings, but that the most talented will get there faster.”

“But the older guy, you also know how to work…” he added.

In regards to a possible resumption of the season 2019-2020, suspended because of the pandemic of COVID-19, Spezza said he was optimistic.

“I hope that we will have a chance to play. I don’t know when this will be, but I am optimistic that we will have the chance to finish the season. I want to have this approach, because if we can play, then I will be ready and in shape to do it. If not, then we move on to something else.”


For several reasons, the veteran 36-year-old believes that this break will be beneficial for the Maple Leafs. The season of the ontario has been marked by ups and downs. Came on in relief of Mike Babcock during the season, Sheldon Keefe was also impatient a few times, not embarrassing, not to say that the team lacked maturity.

As well, the head coach was able to talk with his players individually to prepare a plan for the future. And unlike previous years, when this exercise takes place a few hours after a elimination, the players may be able to apply the recommendations in the playoffs.

“Usually, when you do this, it is marred by the fact that you have lost, and you need to find out what to do differently. But no team has yet had the chance to prove what she was worth in the playoffs”, he explained.

“I think we have a locker room much more mature now than at the beginning of the season. I think the players feel more involved in what is happening. Our young stars are capable of having conversations between themselves and with others, that they may not be comfortable having at the beginning of the season.”

The club will have the chance to show those improvements if the rest of the regular season is disputed, as the Maple Leafs, currently the third largest of the Atlantic chapter, are only a single point to the exclusion of the playoffs.

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