NHL: the camaraderie, the stimulating perfect

LNH: la camaraderie, le stimulant parfait

The captain of the Blues of St. Louis Alex Pietrangelo was dismissed out of hand the concerns raised by some people about the ability of the players of the national hockey League (NHL) to resume a high level of competitiveness in the middle of the summer.

Himself jumped on the ice for a workout with a few teammates, as permitted under the phase 2 of the plan to return to the game of the NHL, Pietrangelo has not hidden that the true camaraderie that unites the teammates of a team she had missed.

He also believes that this a joy to find this atmosphere will allow players to quickly immerse themselves in the bathroom, which will be necessary in the event of a recovery, since the playoffs will arrive very quickly.

“It’s going to be a challenge, but when the whole team will be reunited, we will find the routine of a hockey season normal, he advanced, Friday, during a podcast network Sportsnet. I think people will be surprised to see how we can adapt ourselves. There is a lot of energy in our group, and when we get together, it’s going to enable us to get back to work.”


By this return, Pietrangelo does not hide his pleasure in the conquest of the Stanley cup by his team, there are a little over a year. A memory he is touted with the aid of images and videos.

“Sometimes, I forget about it, he confessed. This is one of those things, when you have completed something and that you rest up with a beer when you’re tired, you can rethink and say that it is pretty cool.”

If his team-mate, Ryan O’reilly had confessed recently that he felt transformed by this conquest, suggesting that he had got rid of a label of a loser whose had burdened the people, Pietrangelo, he sees this feat as a relief.

“That doesn’t change my career, but you are growing up. You always hear these stories: when you’re a kid and you play hockey in the street, you score a goal and you raised the Stanley cup. So it is like a relief to have had the chance to do so.”

“Many great players phenomenal have played for years and years without having an opportunity of winning,” he argued.

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