NHL: the experience will not be a factor, according to Rod Brind’amour

LNH: l’expérience ne sera pas un facteur, selon Rod Brind’Amour

Since the playoffs of the national hockey League (NHL) will be taking place in a context that is quite different this year because of the pandemic of COVID-19, head coach of the Hurricanes Rod Brind’amour believes that the experience will be of no use.

The players will have to play a round – or a minitournoi – extra before starting the series in the usual manner. They will do it without the hassle of home matches, and without any noise, because the supporters will not be allowed in the grandstands.

A situation which will be new both for the recruits and for veteran owners of multiple rings of the Stanley cup.

“In an ideal world, you would say that [experience] really counts. But I believe that in the current situation, everyone is a rookie, in any way, because we simply don’t know how it’s going to affect [the players] don’t have this energy [of the crowd]”, advanced Brind’amour to the official website of the NHL, Sunday.

Having himself played 1484 regular season games and 159 other series, Brind’amour is well placed to speak from experience. He also won the Stanley cup in 36 years in 2006.

He is also the father of four children, which gives him a different perspective about the containment which must pay the NHL players, Edmonton or Toronto.

“The guys most young people who do not have family and who have less of the things holding [the house] will be at an advantage, he said. At the beginning, this will not be a factor. The teams hope that this will be our case – who will be playing for a long time, then all of this will come into play.”

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