NHL: the fans don’t like the format you chose

LNH: les partisans n'aiment pas le format choisi

Hockey fans, montrealers don’t enjoy the format chosen for the playoffs of the national hockey League (NHL), which will allow 24 teams, including the Montreal canadiens, to fight for the Stanley cup.

This is what you can remember of a survey, home-made by the site network TVA Sports. Indeed, the question “Are you excited to see the playoffs of the NHL with 24 teams, including the Canadian?”, 57,8% of the 3700 respondents ticked “no”.

Players from 29 of the 31 NHL teams have accepted Friday the proposal of the circuit Bettman to add a qualification round at the beginning of the playoffs to allow eight clubs additional to participate in the tournament. As well, the Habs is the 24th and last team in the general ranking to get his ticket.

The Blue-White-Red should face the Pittsburgh Penguins in a series to the best-of-five parties.

Other negotiations should take place between the two parties to establish the location and date of the resumption after the interruption due to the pandemic of COVID-19.

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