NHL: the plan of the series to 24 teams, approved

LNH: le plan des séries à 24 équipes approuvé

The players of the national hockey League (NHL) have agreed to the proposal of the circuit Bettman to resume activities with 24 training on Friday.

“The executive committee of the Association of players of NHL (NHLPA) has authorized further negotiations with the NHL about a return-to-play 24 teams to determine the winner of the Stanley cup, said the group on its Twitter account. Several details must still be negotiated and the measures relating to the resumption of the game must be accepted by all parties.”

The 31 representatives of the Association of players (one per team) could have requested more time to discuss the plan with their team-mates, but have taken a quick decision. At least 18 of them needed to approve the proposal.

It would, therefore, fall the dozen of meetings regular schedule to jump directly into the playoffs. For the Montreal canadiens, it is a true miracle happened, as the men of Claude Julien are the last to get a ticket in the Association Is holding the 12th place.

According to this scenario, the Habs will take on the Pittsburgh Penguins in the first round of the new series, in a format that is three to five.

The four teams head of each of the Associations will get a pass for the second round. They will compete against each other to keep in shape, but found the four teams winning in the next round.

For the time, places (or place) or will be played the matches remains to be determined. A date for resumption will also be announced and the protocol for testing, COVID-19 must also be established.

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