NHL: the quarantine for the players, according to Justin Trudeau

LNH: la quarantaine pour les joueurs, selon Justin Trudeau

The players of the national hockey League (NHL) who wish to make a return to the game in Canada will not escape the quarantine measures imposed on all those who come to this country.

This is what the prime minister Justin Trudeau announced on Sunday, during his press conference daily about the pandemic of COVID-19. This obligation shall apply to the members of the teams who are currently confined to the outside of the country.

“I think it is an issue on which it will be necessary to consider, he began by saying. Certainly, at a bare minimum, anyone who arrives from another country will have to follow the rules of quarantine is extremely strict.”

The prime minister also indicated that his government has initiated discussions with the circuit Bettman, but that they were not very advanced for the time.

“It is not rendered there in our discussions in the NHL yet. It is recognized that it is a possibility, but it will depend on a lot of things and I don’t want to move forward with assumptions on it as there will be no more discussions.”

Several scenarios are contemplated by the NHL for the resumption of activities. One of them is to compete in all of the meetings in four cities, that is, a section-by-section. Toronto would be including in the list for the Atlantic chapter in which evolves the Montreal canadiens.

The canadian government has closed the borders to international until 30 June. The u.s. border could, however, reopen on the 21st of may, if the measure is not extended.

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